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Hey girls -

I know there has been a couple posts about this lately but I'm not sure the questions I have were included.

1.) What do you have to take with you to the courthouse to apply for the marriage license?  On the website is states just an ID - I just want to make sure we don't need our birth certificates because the post office has them right now to process our passports.  We're making the trip to Pittsburgh tomorrow to hopefully get this taken care of and I just want to double check.  I've been so busy at work today I didn't get to call the Allegheny County Courthouse before the closed.

2.) Do you have to get the marriage license IN the county you're getting married in or the state?  I've heard Allegheny County charges the most and if I can go to the Butler county courthouse that would work also.

Any input would be super helpful! Thanks girls!
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October 2, 2010


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Re: Marriage License

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    We went a few weeks ago to get ours, and I was worried about the birth certificate thing too.  You don't need it, just an ID. You can get the marriage license in any county, regardless of where you're getting married.  We filled out the form they have online, printed it, and took it with us.  The lady still had to type everything into her computer, but it went much quicker than the people that didn't fill it out - they had to answer every question verbally.  Have fun - it's exciting to get it!

    Here is the Allegheny County website:
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    #2 - I asked this on the phone to a person at the Allegheny Court House.

    If you get your license in Butler County, you can still get married in Allegheny. You just have to return the finished and signed license to Butler County.
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    You just need your IDs.  And CASH!

    And you can go to any county in PA.  HTH!
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