XP: Bagpipes at a Catholic wedding

I am working with a couple whose ancestry on both sides in predominately Celtic (mostly Irish, some Scottish).  Both share a strong affinity to their heritage and have spent time in ireland -- she studied in Dublin, he worked in Cork and Waterford -- as well as in Scotland

The bride would like to have an Irish bagpiper "pipe" (lead) the wedding party in for the processional and have the piper lead the recessional. She added that she might have the piper play one or more of the hymns for the Mass.

Has anyone every attended a Catholic wedding that included a bagpiper? I have been to Catholic funerals and to baccalaureate Masses for Catholic high schools in which bagpipe was included, but never at a wedding. Since a lot of you are more knowledgable than me, I thought I would ask (Yes I know we will have to check with the pastor and the parish music director, but one thing at a time)

Any thought or comments would be appreciated. Thanking everyone in advance ...
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