Wedding shower - hors d'oeuvres and cocktalis?

Hello ladies... I know I don't post too often but when I do I really appreciate any and all input you guys give me :)

So I was thinking for my wedding shower I'd like to have a Saturday later afternoon/early evening relaxed shower with hors d'oeuvres and basic cocktails (beer, wine, some sort of punch). A casual atmosphere where people can mingle and chat. I'd like to have it in a hall/private club where can can bring in our own food and drinks. This would also be an effort to save some money because my guest list is 75-90.

So now for the questions... have any of you done this and can you recommend an inexpensive caterer? Or even a venue that could fit my ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Wedding shower - hors d'oeuvres and cocktalis?

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    i tried to find a venue that would allow us to bring outside catering (my mom was going to come out of retirement to cater my shower), but unless we wanted to hold the shower in a firehall, church, or something like an elk's club....we were flat out of luck. we had to abandon the idea after spending months of venue searching and hold it at a restaurant. so while i think you have a great idea, the hard part is going to be locating a venue. i started contacting venues that i had looked at for the wedding that would allow us to bring our own caterer, but at the end of the day it was going to cost so much to rent the place that it just wasn't worth it. we had even contemplated booking at the urban gathering place, but after spending a month of constant calling and emailing with not one single response, we also abandoned that idea. it was going to cost $500 to rent the UGP anyways, so we were better off.

    i'd suggest someone's home, but if you're asking for venue options then my guess is you've already ruled that out, given the size of your shower.

    good luck.
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    I think it's perfectly fine to have a shower in a firehall or private club.  You should be able to do it within a decent price.  Mine was held in a firehall in the Latrobe area, so I'm not much help, but I'm sure some of the other ladies will have some great ideas.
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    My shower was held at a nieghborhood clubhouse. It was cheap to rent (I think my BMs paid less than $100 for the whole day) and they were able to bring in all of their own food/drinks. I had an evening shower that started at 6:00 PM. They served a light dinner, hot snacks, dessert, and alcoholic punch. All of the food was either made by BMs or catered by Roma (restaurant in the N. Hiils).  I'd suggest looking for either a neighborhood clubhouse, a firehall, or someone's house/backyard. My cousin rented a big white tent for her backyard and held her shower there, it was beautiful!
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    Thanks for the feedback/suggestions. There is a place I have in mind in Bethel Park called the Yugoslov cllub where one of my close friends had her shower. I keep forgetting to ask what the cost was... I like the idea of a friends' backyard with tents, etc. I think I might need to cut down the guest list a bit. The shower will be in August so we'd still have nice weather for a late afternoon shower.

    Jennybean is the Urban Gathering Place on Mt. Washington? Or am I thinking of something else?

    Thanks again and hopefully I'll come across something... I just want to save my bridesmaids some money!
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