Crossing Vineyards- July wedding


I am thinking of having my wedding in July 2015.  I checked out Crossing Vineyards (in Washington's Crossing PA) but they don't have air conditioning in their outdoor tent.  They have large fans and claim that it gets breezy.  I seriously loved the place but my family is really concerned that it will be way too hot! Has anyone been to a wedding there in July or August? Thanks!

Re: Crossing Vineyards- July wedding

  • I would be very, very cautious about having a wedding anywhere in PA in July without A/C. "Breezy" does not necessarily equal "comfort". Just consider how comfortable would you be in a wedding dress in the heat with just a fan? If that's the only venue you've found that works for you and that you love, go for it but just do so knowing that you may have some cranky/uncomfortable guests.
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