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Dear Abby: Get these and only these for my children

I was astounded when I read this....

DEAR ABBY: My sister informed me today that her children have registered at Toys R Us, and has instructed me to purchase only the toys on their registry for Christmas! Apparently, this is the new way to shop.

Abby, I have never told anyone what to buy my kids, and I'm appalled by this new idea of a Christmas registry. I try very hard to buy great Christmas gifts that my loved ones will enjoy. Am I wrong to think this is rude? -- APPALLED SHOPPER

Re: Dear Abby: Get these and only these for my children

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    @mrs.conn23, your sister sounds like a harpy.
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    Part of me really loathes this idea, but part of me likes it.  I don't necessarily think the registry is a bad idea, but the way this mother is handling it, is rude.  Something like that would help out the clueless people (like me) about what to buy the kids in our lives that we want to celebrate with, w/out have to bother the parents like everyone else about what to get the kids.
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    Coworker has a SIL who takes it a step further, she buys the gifts, then emails out to the family asking them which one they want to "buy" for her kids. She wraps and tags the gift and takes payment from whomever gifted it.

    Coworker always sends her own gifts. Much to the chagrin of her SIL.
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    DD, DH and I all have amazon wish lists.  People don't have to buy from there, but when I have 8,001 people asking me for a list of what DD wants, it sure makes it easier to direct them to the amazon list.  The lists for DH and I are mainly for each other.
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    I keep running ideas on Amazon too.  I know about what people spend so when they ask for ideas I send a few items in their range. 
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    i was actually considering telling people about the amazon wish list idea in our families so they can post what their kids may want or like to make life easier. i recently got an unsolicited text that told me (and a handful of other relatives who were also texted) that a specific kid wanted ONLY giftcards from a specific store. that was it. nothing else. i was put off by it, but whatever. it's not the kid's fault the parent was tacky about it.
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    My family just does a list that we hang on my parents fridge (and I email to all the siblings) that everyone says what their kids need, and what they need.  It's really easy, and seeing as my mother doesn't understand the internet, it's the best thing to do. 
    I don't mind asking people what they and their kids need, or being asked what I need. 

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