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NWR: TMI: Moley Moley Moley

I'm a pale red head, covered in freckles and moles.


Yesterday morning, I woke up to a pain in my torso. I reach down and realized its one of my moles, like the Grinches heart, grown three sizes overnight, all filled black with blood, just waiting painfully to burst. Which it did. It still hurts. I called the dermatologist today, but since its the holidays and I'm the only one really working after Christmas, I won't be able to get in until next week sometime, and thats if the doctor can fit me in, since they're always so scheduled. But normally they try to make room for bleeding mole patients.

Strangly enough, this also happened two or three Christmas' uncle gave me a great big bear hug and POPPED a giant irritated mole on my shoulder (that I didn't realize was close to bleeding). I ended up having it removed the next day.



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Re: NWR: TMI: Moley Moley Moley

  • Whoa... I'll be honest... I didn't know moles could be filled with blood and pop.  All my moles are small though and unexciting.  When I was a kid, I accidentally scratched one off though.  That was great.

  • I could creep everyone out with an actual photo of it...but... There's just some things that are better left unseen. You can always do a google image search of a bleeding or black mole if you're really that interested.

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  • Yikes! That's awful :( I didn't know they could bleed/burst, either! Is there something that can bring that on, or does it just happen randomly?

  • It seems to just happen randomly. My last one was benign. I'm fairly good at staying out of the sun and/or lathering myself in SPF 10,000.

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  • Fi gets these, although I've never seen one of his turn black.  He has a lot of small red moles, which he picks, and they predictably bleed.  His doctor says they are normal.  I have lots of freckles and moles too, but never anything interesting.
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  • I also have small red ones.  I guess I'm just a special girl.  Red ones, brown ones, ones that grow, ones that attract fish when I'm swimming...LOL

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