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Found the BM dresses I want (Bill Levkoff) on this website ( for $60 cheaper than the store where we tried them on.  Anyone have experience ordering from this website, or any other online site?  I'm a bit nervous with online ordering!  Thanks.


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    no but its a ligit store called here comes the bridesmaid located in nyc their  website is

    the only time you have to be weary about ordering online is if the website is located or based out of china with insanely low prices stock photos that are stolen and no pictures of the exact dress you will receive. prices for those dresses bridal will start at around 100 and go up to 200 for a 3000 dress no way you can get the designer gown brand new at 3000

  • Agree with pp on and netbride.  I ordered my BM dresses thru Pearlsplace (also Bill Levkoff) and there were about $70 cheaper than shops.  One of these online places says they will price match too--just need to do a little comparison with prices/shipping costs/etc.  Was tad nervous at first ordering the dresses online, but they were great over the phone, and easy to get updates on the order status.  
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