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I've got my dress, have my bridesmaid dresses picked out and have been communicating regularly with the ladies who will be in the wedding... but I kind of forgot about the groom and groomsmen.  I figured my fiance would be taking care of it but I don't think he knows where to start either!  Here are my main questions:

*Rent or buy?  I know it's expected that bridesmaids will buy their dresses but wasn't sure if the same was expected of the groomsmen.
*What if some of the groomsmen are living across the country?  How can we make sure that they all get the same suit/tux?
*Do places that rent/sell suits and tuxes usually supply fabric swatches?  My fiance's sister is his "man" of honor and will be wearing a dress the same color as the groomsmen attire, and wants to be able to match as closely as possible.
*Father of the Bride/Groom - I know MOB and MOG outfits are pretty important and should match with the colors/theme of the wedding, does the same go for the fathers?  Should their suits be the same color as the bridal party or complimentary?

I didn't realize until I was typing out all those questions how little I know... oy vey! :)  Thanks for any help you all can offer!

Re: Groom and Groomsmen Attire

  • If you are having an evening wedding, tuxedos would be appropriate.  They are usually rented.  FOB and FOG are not a part of your wedding party.  They can wear dark suits if they prefer, or they can rent tuxedos, too.
    If your wedding is in the daytime, suits are the way to go.  Dark gray suits look great on most men, especially with white shirts and colored tie.  The suits do not have to match exactly.  It is usually best to buy a two piece suit, unless the guys already have one.  Then they can keep the suits to wear for other occasions - like job interviews!  Suits are also very appropriate for evening weddings, and they are becoming more popular these days.
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    MOB and MOG outfits don't have to match with the wedding, either.
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  • We went with suits that they bought for $125 on Amazon- Kenneth Cole. We had great luck. They were good quality and a good price. I think renting is a waste of money. 

    I would ask the Fathers what they'd like the wear. My dad wanted to match, so that's what we did. The mothers can wear whatever they feel beautiful in! Don't worry about it 'matching' perfectly, it's micromanage-y and will make you go crazy. 

  • It depends on the look you are going for. My hubby wanted the Brown tux and none of our GM have jobs that require suits so to ask them to buy a suit that isn't a very common color we didn't feel comfortable with. I went with a chain too (american commodore) and they told us that guys can get measurements done at any tux shop & just send/call/email their measurements in. Just make sure they try their suits/tuxes the day they get in, not the morning of the wedding in case there are any problems.

    For the fathers we opted for black tuxes, mainly because my dad already owned a black tux. They they still matched being that they were in tuxes but stood out as the fathers since they were the only ones in black. The determinetation that they would wear tuxes was actually made by my MIL. She asked me what I wanted FIL to wear & I asked her what do you want him to wear? She said she would love to see him in a tux so I told her I said I wanted tuxes knowing my father would be ok with it since he owned one.

    One issue if better to rent tux/suit or buy a suit, it depends on if you can find a chain that has the suit/tux you like in everyones sizes available online for a good price. That way you can just send links to GM on what to buy. may want to take the liberty if FI hasn't already done it to send all the GM a list of all the names, phones numbers & emails of the other GM so that way if they need to communicate about anything they can reach each other easily. Also make sure you send them a day of itinerary of events so they know what to expect. Also do for your girls, it will help reduce the amount of questions you get hit with on your wedding day

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