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i need help ladies

so i have looked at a ton of reception sites and i just cant find one that is under 20,000 and in or close to pittsburgh. i really need suggestions. im looking for something a little more rustic like a farm or something with land and scenery. i would love the help. thank you!

Re: i need help ladies

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    How many people are you looking to have at the reception?  I would think $20l would be plenty for a reception place and food.  How about the Frick?  They have a lovely mansion there and a ton of land.  If you are looking for scenery there's always The Gateway Clipper-you could tour Pittsburgh during the reception.  Phipp's is another great place with a beautiful setting.
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    What about Lingrow Farms? Or like Schenley Park or another park? Springwood is pretty and rustic. It is close to your $20,000 budget.
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    What exactly is the $20k including?  Is that the budget for the entire wedding, or just the reception- food, alcohol, entertainment, venue fees? 

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    We need more information. The biggest thing that will affect your wedding budget is number of guests.

    If you are inviting 250+, 20k will be close. It can certainly be done, but most of us with smaller budgets had smaller guest lists.

    I had my reception at Heinz Field for 140 for about 13k, including everything.

    I believe the Aviary would possibly fit your price range (depending on guest list size) and possibly the LeMont, which another Knottie has mentioned is fairly affordable.

    What part of the city are you looking for?  What is your date?

    Jill, I don't know if Lingrow will work because they wanted 6k just to rent it with nothing, no food, no drinks, etc. But people have been quoted vastly different prices there, so worth a shot!

    Armstrong Farms also rents out their location.

    Hope that helps and welcome to the Knot!
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    Although not rustic (since I don't think much inside the city itself would be rustic) the Grand Concourse seats 200 and would be well under 20K. 
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    OMG Shannon!  did I TOTALLY miss that you were KTFU?? !!   CONGRATS!!!!!!  WHOO HOO!
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    ok more info going for 150-175 guests. looked at lingrow but they wanted 10k just to rent it. and the cheapest springwood could offer was 20k but it didnt include much.
    the date is set for 9-10-2011.and really if i can find something that is closer to pittsburgh murrysville delmont or even surrounding. thats a great idea for the frick. i'm going to give them a call. this is so nerveracking im kind of freaking out and it's still far away. i've been engaged for a yr so i guess i'm just ancy.
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    How about the Mayernick Center?? Not sure how much to rent, though....

    BTW, CONGRATS Shannon :) So exciting!
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    Ok, that does help a lot. This is kind of buried here now, so I'll make a new post on the board for you and we can see if we can get some responses for what you are looking for.
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