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Bride Films Walk Down the Aisle With Google Glass

Hey! I saw this on our blog today and wanted to share. Want do you think about a bride wearing google glasses for her walk down the aisle?

Re: Bride Films Walk Down the Aisle With Google Glass

  • If she wants to, whatever. I feel that Google Glass looks silly, and it ruins the look she's going for.
  • It looks a little silly but hey, whatever floats your boat. There was a bride on Four Weddings that put a tiny camera in her headpiece but it certainly wasn't as noticeable as a bride wearing Google Glass.
  • I agree with @KeptInStiches. The video wasn't even very good, it was shaky and poor quality.

  • I like the idea behind it, but not the look. It would be cool to be up close and personal recording the ceremony. Not so much to have those on my face though.
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  • I like the idea of filming from that perspective (I've been considering hiding my GoPro in my bouquet), but the Google Glass just looks conspicuous and strange.
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  • Yeah, not a fan. The video is shaking and of poor quality, the glasses look dumb on her and very conspicuous, and it seems gimmicky. 

    Plus -- I was there! I know what *I* saw coming down the aisle. If I had hired a videographer, I would have wanted him or her to capture what I looked like coming down, not what I could see myself.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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