Small reception

We are looking to have a small guest list (30-40 people) . Any ideas in the Chicago land area on how to do that on a budget ?

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    With a guest list that intimate, you can do a lot of different things.  What's your budget?  Are you looking at a brunch, luncheon, or dinner reception?  Do you want casual?  In what area of the city or suburbs are you looking?  Is your ceremony elsewhere?
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    We were thinking a dinner reception in the south suburbs. Our wedding is at a local park.
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    Book a private room in a restaurant in the south suburbs. Ask about their room minimums, if any. Italian family restaurants are usually a really good value for this.
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    We looked into several restaurants in Chicago and many places are willing to work with small parties and are beautiful to begin with so they require very little.. Just go on and search for private rooms and you will be able to see a ton of different options.
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    I agree with the others, go the restaurant route! Thats what we did, we had ours at a restaurant in the southwest burbs for 80 people and for alcohol, food, taxes and gratuities, we spent $6,500.  Like @akocna said, go on to find an establishment that you like based on your size.
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