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Think I'm getting sick

I have felt like crap all day. My stomach is completely unsettled. I'm having a really hard time concentrating at work which is why I've been on here. I'm ready to go home. Ok mini whine over.

Re: Think I'm getting sick

  • Aw, nooo! I felt like that yesterday. *hugs*

    Depending on your time zone, the day may almost be done?

  • I have another two hours before I can go home which isn't too bad but it does feel like forever.
  • Same here, dear. We'll get through it!

    What's driving me bonkers and making me want to go home is that it feels as though the muscle in the upper part of my butt is itchy. Not the surface/skin... the MUSCLE. I can't even scratch because I can't get to the itch! It did this yesterday, too, and I'm about ready to scream.

  • Ick that is the worst! Especially since there is really nothing you can do about it. Only a couple more hours.
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