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Music Needs

Question for the brides and brides to be:  What are the songs that need to be determined for the DJ prior to the wedding?

IE Father/Daughter Dance, Entry down the aisle, etc.  

I'm at a loss and know I should be thinking about songs for certain parts of the wedding but have no idea how many songs I need, etc.

Thank you!

Re: Music Needs

  • Father/daughter, first dance, entry (for parents, bridal party and groom/bride), cake song, dinner music (usually, what play list of theirs do you want played or type to play), songs to avoid, songs you definitely want played, interactive songs if you want them (YMCA, train, hokey pokey, macarena, etc), dollar dance song, garter/garter toss song, bouquet toss, last song, mother/son song etc.
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  • You don't need the dollar dance song, because you must know that they are incredibly rude.
  • Ceremony Music:
    -Prelude (generally 30 minutes of music played during guest arrival)
    -Seating of the Mothers/Grandmothers
    -Bride's Entrance
    (These can be combined/eliminated as needed depending on the size of your wedding)
    -Unity Ceremony Song

    Cocktail Hour:
    -Tell the DJ what kind of music you want played, most people do instrumental, Frank Sinatra, jazz, etc. but you can do whatever you want here.

    -Bridal Party Entrance (including parents)
    -Bride & Groom Entrance
    -First Dance
    -Father/Daughter Dance
    -Mother/Son Dance
    -Cake Cutting
    -Anniversary Dance if you are having one
    -Dinner Music (similar to cocktail hour, this just sets the mood)
    -Create a "must play" list for the dancing portion, but it shouldn't be more than 10-15 songs so he/she can read the crowd and take requests
    -Create a "do NOT play" list for the songs that make you want to scratch your eardrums out
    -Last Song of the night
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  • Oh, and I forgot...  If you are going to do a bouquet and/or garter toss you need songs for those.

    Any reputable DJ will give you a chart/list of songs and you fill in what song(s) you want and cross out the ones that don't apply to you.
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