Suggestions for Bridesmaid Gifts

Knotties-  I need your help and creativity!  I'm looking for ideas and suggestions for bridesmaid gifts.  Jewelry are already in the works and I'm hoping to get them something else that's a little more special.  Does anyone have any ideas???

Re: Suggestions for Bridesmaid Gifts

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    What would you get them for their birthdays? Just buy them something they'd like, and everybody doesn't have to get the same thing. A cute bag, books, CDs, puzzles, chocolate - these were some of the things I got my gals, but nobody got the same thing.
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    I got each girl a Coach Wristlet.  Each one was different and fit each girls personality.  The prices started at $40.
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    If you're looking for something sentimental, you could do a picture frame with a photo of you and each bm in it (engraved?). I was going to make a scrapbook of each girl featuring photos of what each girl did to help me with my plans, but only one bm is helping me with almost anything.  Maybe a gift card to a salon for hair or nails, or maybe for something fun to do in town.
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    I bought from Bath and Body Works Outlet large tote bags and filled them with stuff...each girl got a black pashmina, bracelet (not for the wedding), body spray and lotion, fuzzy socks, compact mirror and then I bought them all kitchen trivets (I wanted something special that they'd actually use)/
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    PIB of all of my stuff At the rehearsal I am giving each of mine a coach bag The morning of the wedding I am giving each a clutch and a set of pearls to wear and a robe to get ready in. At the reception they will find slippers on their chairs for dancing.
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    Thanks for all the great ideas!!!  Shop away!
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    I'm getting my ladies clutches in my color scheme (Orange purses, Orange Shoes, Orange flowers, Grey Dresses) filled with goodies they can use that day as well as after the wedding. Lip glosses for my brides maids and Lip Smackers for my junior brides maids. I'll probably add some survival items like blister, band aids, travel asprin and gel inserts for their feet. I have a year to add other small but more sentimental items.
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