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Date Night Giveaway for Knotties in the NY area!

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Hi Knotties,

If you are in the NYC area, we're giving away 5 sets of tickets to see the NYC Off-Broadway play Tony n' Tina's Wedding (in honor of our favorite holiday of the year -Valentine's Day, of course!)

The lucky winners will receive two tickets to Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding with the ceremony beginning at The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School and reception to be held at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar in Times Square (which includes dancing, pasta dinner, salad and wedding cake). You will work with a concierge on choosing your show date between March 5th and August 2014.

So, if you are in the NYC area -- here is how you enter:

Post a comment below anytime between Monday 2/10 & Thursday 2/13 with your favorite V-day memory. Winners will be randomly selected. We'll be contacting the winners on Friday, 2/14.

Looking forward to reading everyone's Valentine's Day stories!!

See official rules here



Re: Date Night Giveaway for Knotties in the NY area!

  • My fiance, Ryan, and I met at SUNY Fredonia 2008 and hadn't started dating yet for Valentines Day. According to me, I thought that we were great friends and am terrible at reading when someone is flirting or seeking you out. Being friends, I had mentioned to him that there is a Sweetheart Dance that I have always gone with friends on valentines night. He asked to join us. We got all dressed up and went together with a group of friends. We danced and laughed all night! At the end of the night, when everyone was going home, Ryan said "I can drive you home if you would like." Snowy and freezing I took his offer. Once we parked the car outside of the college apartments, we sat and talked in the car. Ryan reached back in his rear seats and grabbed some flowers and chocolate for me. Then he said that he had feelings for me and would love for me to be his girl someday. Needless to say, that night was the beginning of our relationship and we are going to be married 7/12/2015! We have had many wonderful Valentines days together and can not wait for all the great things to come! I attached a picture of that night! I'm in the red dress and he is in the white shirt red tie :)
  • My favorite valentine day memory was in 2013 when my fiancé and I found out we were expecting a baby!!! Now we have a beautiful baby boy and are getting married in December.
  • My fiance and I started a Valentine's Day tradition 6 years ago. We decided that every year we would go to a different state for our Valentine's Day dinner. So far we have hit NY, NJ, PA, MA, CT, and this year we will check of VT!! It is always an adventure and we never know what to expect walking into these restaurants that we find on our own. I can't wait until we hit some of the warmer states!!!! :) Oh, and after the 50 states are up, I guess we'll just have to tackle countries!!
  • My Fiancé and I started dating a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day so I was not expecting much when it came to doing anything for the holiday but in any event, he completely blew me away. He kept the entire night a surprise. He took me to a beautiful restaurant in Huntington, NY for a candlelit dinner and gave me flowers, gifts and candy. After dinner he surprised me again by taking me to the planetarium so we could sit under the stars without freezing outside in the snow. He continues to surprise me every year, but that was by far the best Valentine's Day ever.
  • My fiancé and I have always LOVED Valentine's Day and throughout the years, have taken turns planning it. My favorite was one he planned our 2nd year of dating, which was the most thought out and well executed Valentine's Day (my opinion - not his) we've ever had.

    First, I ended up getting 5 dozen roses unexpectedly. He had ordered 2 dozen delivered at my work, which ended up being not bloomed too much and the wrong color from what he ordered. I loved them, but he was so upset because he wanted them to be perfect. So at lunch, he surprised me for a lunch date, with another dozen fully bloomed roses! Totally unexpected and unnecessary, but sweet at the same time! Then by the end of the day, I received another 2 dozen roses - the right color he ordered. Not going to lie, I was a little self conscious with 5 dozen roses at work, but found it hysterical and so did some of my coworkers who asked why my desk was now a floral shop!

    After work, we went to Brooklyn Heights and got dinner at a really nice and quaint Italian restaurant. Good food, good wine, and even Nutella raviolis for dessert!

    We took a short walk to the Brooklyn Promenade to overlook the city skyline and reminisce where we had our first date. He said, "Let's take pictures! I have a surprise for you!" So, we took a bunch of cute couple-y photos and headed back to the car to drive home to Staten Island.

    We got home (where I was banished from the living room the night before) and he told me to immediately go into the bedroom until he grabbed me to come out. I listened, and about 10 minutes later, he came in and told me to close my eyes as he guided me to the living room.

    I opened them, and the entire room was covered in rose petals and candles! I look on our coffee table, where he had set up little sternos to roast marshmallows, along with melted chocolate, strawberries, cookies and more - a little homemade chocolate fondue station!

    We exchanged presents right away. I don't remember what things I got him (terrible, I know), but he gave me a scrapbook with materials, photo locket, and a picture frame - all photo themed. Then, he pointed at the printer he moved into the living room and said, "Let's print out the pictures we took at the promenade. We'll start a scrapbook of our love, take pictures throughout the year, and add to it every Valentine's Day". The locket was to put a tiny picture of us in to carry me wherever I went, and the picture frame (ornate and engraved with the lyrics of "our" song) was for our favorite pictures of us.

    I'm a sap and cried at being so moved at how much thought he had put into everything! After I stopped, we spent the night eating chocolate fondue in our now romantic living room, creating a scrapbook that we've added to every year since then.

    Now that we're engaged, it's so nice to look back on it and see how much our relationship has blossomed. We can't wait to show our kids someday!

    I'm so grateful to have such an amazing person in my life, and I always try to be just as amazing back! He's just so hard to try to top for Valentine's Day every other year! Haha!
  • My fiance and I both work in the Restaurant industry as chefs and always work Valentine's Day. We never get to really enjoy the holiday or spend time together. One Valentine's Day I came home from a particularly stressful evening/week and had a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and my favorite sushi and movie waiting for me at home. It was more than I could have wanted and the perfect end to a busy day. When you work every holiday and don't spend much time with your loved ones, it's truly the little things that make a big impact.
  • Steven and I had been dating only about a month when Valentine's Day arrived on Feb.14, 2011. He wanted to impress me by keeping the restaurant he picked out for our dinner a surprise. When we arrived it was a beautiful upscale French restaurant in Manhattan. Only problem: neither of us ever ate French cuisine before! We ordered items we never heard of and we didn't really like anything but since our relationship was so new neither of us complained. Now that my fiancé and I know each other well we are not risktakers when it comes to food and we never ate at a French Restaurant since! It's the thought that counts!
  • Fave V-Day Memory: My fiance and I have grown up together and have known eachother for about 10 years. I would have to say the best memory was when we first starting dating 1 year in he surprised me with dinner all done by him (he doesnt cook ever), he decorated his place with candles, balloons & roses everywhere. And i just remember how thoughtful he was he even went into the city (we live in NJ) and picked up treats from Magnolia Bakery for me since its my fave. Although now we are older and we can do more fancy things. That is by far the best Vday memory to date! xo

  • My birthday is exactly one week after Valentines Day so I get doubly gifted every year. However, last year my fiance tells me on Valentines Day that he didn't spend a lot on my gift because he spent a ton on my birthday gift. 

    I opened a small box that contained one of those 'Best Friends' heart necklaces. He thought I would think it was super corny but I absolutely loved it! He explained that he saw it at the store and it reminded him how he always told me how I'm his best friend in life and how much he loved me. He already had them out of the box and was putting his half on. We haven't taken them off since last year.

    For anyone wanting to know what I got that was so expensive for my birthday...it was my engagement ring :) 
  • My now wife knew I could not afford a lot so she brought everything over to my little apt. and that was the night I told her I love her I knew once I said that it was forever and I knew she loved me already. I knew that night I had finally found the person for me. She gave me the best present that night a life of love.
  • pinkcow13pinkcow13 The Concrete Jungle
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    My favorite Vday was our senior year in college. We went to SUNY Albany, and  Senior year we lived on Empire Commons, which are  on campus apartments. Since we were college students, living off of work study, buying groceries, funds were low. So I made us a romantic Valentine's day dinner of steak and garlic mashed potatoes (our favorite meal), with frozen (not homemade!) garlic bread. I made it at the apartment I shared with my roomates, and even lit a candle (I'm pretty sure it was scented), and we had a bottle of wine. It was so low key, yet personal :)


  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz
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    My favorite Valentine's Day memory is our very first V-day while dating, all the way back in 2003.  We had been on several dates but weren't "official" as, of course, everyone in high school wants to know.  Fi brought me flowers and we went ice skating with friends.  He kept falling over and said he "needed to hang on to me" to keep upright.  We became "official" just a few days later, and now every V-Day we celebrate that we've been together since then!  This year will be 11 years together, and now we are planning our wedding.
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  • My favorite v'day memory is much different. My fiancée and I started dating in March, so we were nearing our first anniversary at the same time as our first valentines day. In anticipation we booked a fancy dinner at a super nice place nearby and made kenneling reservations for the dogs :).... A few days before we both got miserably sick and couldn't bring ourselves to shower, let alone get dressed up for a nice meal. We made the decision to cancel our reservation, got take out from the bar and grill our first date was at and snuggled up on the couch while watching a netflix marathon. We both agreed that it didn't matter how it happens, we'd have millions more days together and all that mattered was we were together. In recognition of our "unromantic marriage" we loved it and I wouldn't change knowing he'd be there for me no matter what for all the flowers and chocolates in the world.
  • FutureMrsN3312FutureMrsN3312 Dirty Jersey
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    My favorite valentines day together was in 2013. Valentines day morning I was due to have major oral surgery so we celebrated the night before. The restaurant was dead since most couples were going out the next night. We had a perfect not rushed valentines dinner. Totally made up for being able to go out. He spent valentines day taking me back and forth to surgery. When he came home from the pharmacy he came bearing some get well presents...magazines...a Cinderella pez dispenser, and silly puddy. Sounds crazy but it was a perfect weekend just the two of us lounging. Best gift I could have gotten was my FI by my side doing his best to make sure I was well taken care of. It's one thing to say ill always be there it's another to actually see it happen.
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