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Has Anyone Been to or had their wedding at Park Avenue Club?

Hello Brides!

Does anyone have information on Park Avenue Club in Florham? How much pp?

Re: Has Anyone Been to or had their wedding at Park Avenue Club?

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    Hi @siobhan915 - my FI and I checked it out. Our prices were for a Saturday night in Oct/Nov of 2014, if I remember correctly they quoted us something like 160-180 pp? It was over our budget, but we had a wonderful experience there when we checked it out. If it's in your budget I definitely recommend taking a trip out there. The reception room is a tent, so you'd have to do a lot with decor, IMO, but I think you'd get outstanding service and food!
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    @jerseyakl did.

    mellyD2014 about the tent though. I think it for sure needs uplighting & decor.
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    Thank you @mellyD2014 and @majesty318. That does seem a little out of my budget, but maybe I will still go and take a look! It's so hard findng a venue that I love!
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    I got married there in November and HIGHLY recommend it. First of all, they will work with you on budget. We paid less than the numbers above. We chose PAC because we cared most about food and service and did not want to have our reception at a banquet hall. The venue itself is neat -- old dairy barn. The mission makes it extra special -- it is a private dining club that supports 11 local charities. Now onto the food and notch! Honestly, people are still talking about the food. Feel free to message me for more information! 
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