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Needing Help with Dress Color

Hey there all :)

My wedding has actually came and went.  But I remember the great advice I got here, so I thought I might seek some more.

My husband will be a groomsman in a friend's wedding in early May.  It is semi-formal, and an evening outside wedding at a riverfront.  My dilemma is what color dress I should pick to wear.  I don't want to be mistaken as part of the female side of the wedding party, so silver / grey is out.  I would like to complement my husband, who will be in black, white, and dark blue (David's Bridal Marine).  So a mint green is out (was next on my list).  I know I could wear black, but I was hoping to snag a color without being gaudy and out there.

Any suggestions are appreciated!  I really like this couple, and want their wedding to look lovely ... so don't want to pick and outfit that clashes.

Re: Needing Help with Dress Color

  • You could do dark fuchsia, kelly green, eggplant, or coral.  I mean that blue color is pretty much navy blue so you could go with almost anything.

  • OH i'm such a huge fan of navy and coral :) if you have a coral dress, i choose that! Are you choosing from something in your closet? What are your options? Otherwise, go buy coral IMO!

    image   image   image

  • I don;t think you have to worry about looking like a bridesmaid, so you can wear silver/grey if you want to.  Other suggestions: navy, a lighter shade or blue, pink, coral, gold, peach, yellow, plum, violet, or jade.
  • I'll be buying a dress, so I want to choose the color first.  I have never worn coral before, so I am very open to that idea, since I want to wear something fresh, and new for me.  I also like the idea of a lighter blue or plum.

    Now to find a store that sells dresses for a reasonable price .....

    Thanks so much! :)
  • Why can't you wear mint great with his navy/black/white? I think that would look great together! 



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