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I don't know if it is them or the office

Supposedly the malpractice insurance company is refusing to cover me because I don't have a nurse practitioner license.

But I do. As a CNM. I specialize in midwifery, but I am a nurse practitioner. So I don't know if the disconnect is at the level of the office staff handling adding me or with the insurance company. But I am pretty sure the paperwork I filled out asked specific midwife type questions, which makes me wonder what the hell the issue is. I remember indicating I wasn't in house doing deliveries for instance.

Ugh ugh ugh.

Re: I don't know if it is them or the office

  • booooooo
  • Oh jeez.  What a mess.
  • WTF?  I hope the snafu gets worked out soon. 
  • What? That's cray.
  • red tape sucketh.
  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    It would not surprise me at all if people at the insurance company didn't know what the fuck they were doing. I mean, our trial specialists work with patient information every day, but I had one tell me that a patient needed to hold her Duragesic patch around dosing her qod drug. Just because they work around medicine doesn't mean they know the important stuff.

  • Yeah juche, part if me thinks it is that, part of me thinks they are just cutting midwives out because the term can cover non NP/master degree, trained folks too.

    My biggest concern is if I have to cover myself, separate from the practice's policy, that would also separate me out at my rn job as well. Hello big target on my back for lawyers to aim for. I don't anticipate if the company continues to say no that the whole practice will change companies to accommodate me.

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