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Is anyone watching True Detective?

I really love having my parent's log in for HBOGO. 2 episodes left. I'm interested to see what Rust is going to uncover.

Re: Is anyone watching True Detective?

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    I read the title of this thread and said "YES" outloud in my office. so, yes.

  • Dammit.  My uncle shared his login info and it didn't work.  I really want to watch this, everyone in my group of friends is raving about this.
  • SPOILERS: I secretly loved Maggie coming over to screw Rust to screw over Marty. Marty is a d-bag and it is seriously gross he was screwing that former teen prostitute. Oh well. I am so interested to find out what the hell is the motive/reasoning behind these bizarre killings. I do think the Tuttle thing has a link and I don't think Rust is involved at all. Also, when Audrey is shown I can't help but think of Audrey from National Lampoons Vegas Vacation.
  • Also, apparently you should be familiar with the King In Yellow writings, b/c it adds an element. I knew the play (Hello, Arkham Horror expansion!), but haven't looked that much more into it.

    I think DH just typed something in wrong, I'm going to try again tonight.
  • I will google that. I don't have time to ready-- just mindlessly stare at TV at night after the kids are in bed.
  • I'm loving this show.  Tuttle TOTALLY has to be in on this.

    Also, do you know how long it took me to realize I know Tuttle as Ziggy on Roseanne?  Whoa.

  • Love it!!!
  • My Fiance and I are using a friends login for HBOGO and watched the first 6 episodes in a row, and waited all week for last nights to show up... and will have to wait another for the finale (which I believe is next week). I really like the show, and am very interested to see how everything is intertwined... and, obviously, to see what happens. I don't want to say too much, in case people don't want to read spoilers!
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