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My Gluten Free Friends

Re: My Gluten Free Friends

  • Oh boy!  I should get this for BFFFFF.  She would love it.

    For realsies.
  • I think they've posted 3 or 4 recipes out of it in the last few days from one of their cooking blogs.  They're really happy with it; pretty high recommendation.  I've sent it to a few other friends.  There was one about their wheat bread recipe that they said you couldn't tell it was gluten free.
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    Ugh, I just want to be a SAHM who cooks all day.

    Husband needs to get some more promotions so I can work like part time hospice and have the homebody life that I lust after. Shit ain't happening because I need to travel, and more hours at work means more money for travel, but a girl can dream pipe dreams.

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