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Dear Prudence,
I share a similar email address to that of the CEO of a Silicon Valley company. I regularly receive résumés from prospective job candidates in my inbox that are meant for him. Usually I just forward them (the CEO and I have begun a cordial correspondence over this). Sometimes when I have a little free time though, I'll read the résumés and cover letters. Some of the folks applying for high-level positions have atrocious writing skills. I write and teach for a living, so occasionally I quickly proofread the résumé and return it to the sender with some editor’s notes. I think it’s good karma and I've gotten back more than one appreciative response and never anything negative. I told a friend about this and she was appalled. She felt I was committing an invasion of privacy by reading the résumés and that it was rude and patronizing to be giving unsolicited edits to strangers. Who is right here?

—Unsolicited Proofreader

Re: The resume fairy

  • pinkshorts27pinkshorts27 Oregon
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    Oh man, if someone read my resume and corrected some things I wouldn't be offended, but maybe because I'm too practical. I'd be more grateful for the edit than the forwarding service because I wouldn't want the CEO to think I wasn't detail-oriented enough to double check the email address. Eh, I say as long as he isn't taking phone numbers or addresses off of the resume, it doesn't really matter.

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  • I'd be grateful, too.
  • Free resume help? I'd be happy and not offended.
  • You could write the story your way, and then just move the end up to before you kill them.  You know, like Joss Whedon should do.
  • baconsmom said:

    I really want this to become a rom-com. Written or filmed, doesn't matter, but I love the thought of the practical little writer-bee impressing big-shot CEO and them ending up together. 

    And if I didn't have a horrible habit of killing everyone, I'd try to write it, but that won't end well. 
    Cyrano de Bergerac...via LinkedIn :D

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