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I'm getting married in a chapel so decorations are limited. My colors are lavender, ivory, and black. I've included a pic of my dress however I will wear a lavender beaded sash. I love bouquet #1 just trying to decided if it will take away from the dress. Do you ladies think it is too much? If so which one do you think compliments it better?

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    I definitely think they will compliment each other the dress is really beautiful and I love all those bouquets so it's hard to pick just one lol I say either #1 or #4 :) I really like how the stem on #4 is decorated too!
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    Beautiful dress!  I like #1 to go with the dress the best.  # 3 is close second but it may be hard to get the right colored white/cream roses to go with your dress.
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    I like #1 and #4 the best!
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    Thanks ladies I really appreciate the input my Fiancé is tired of hearing about details and my cousin I was planning with called her wedding off. So its great to have someone to bounce things off of
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