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Need advice on favors

Hello everyone, I need help making some decisions so I am having a butterfly themed wedding and I wanted to make cookie in jar favors for the guests. I'm thinking I should just do one per couple to make it easier and cheaper on myself. What do you think? Or should I make for each guest. Also, I want to buy these butterfly cookie cutters and can't decide if it would look tacky or weird if I had the cookie cutter ties to a chocolate chip cookie recipe or should I tie it to a sugar cookie recipe. What does everyone think? Help please.
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Re: Need advice on favors

  • First, I think the cookie cutter can be tied to any cookie recipe.  If there is a reason you want the chocolate chip one (e.g., it is your favorite) then do it.  It is all cookie related :-)

    Sugar cookie ingredients probably don't look as good in a jar.  But I did some butterfly shaped rainbow sprinkles on Amazon when I was shopping for my ice cream bar sprinkles.  You could include those as well (I can remember if they were expensive or not).

    I like your favors, which ever cookie you go with.
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  • I don't think the cookie cutters would look weird or tacky, and the idea of tying them to a cookie recipe is cute. I don't think it matters which recipe you go with though, so pick your favorite. As far as the cookie in a jar goes, it's a cute idea but like the previous reply said, I'm not sure the ingredients are going to look very good in a jar. I could see a lot of people really enjoying it though, so you may just want to look past the way it looks. If that's what you decide to do, I think you should definitely do one for each guest. Yes, it would cost you a little more, but if you're going to do favors, I personally think you should make sure each guest has one.
  • It's a cute idea and ties in the cookie recipe to everything else going on in the wedding.  I do think each guest should get one though.


  • I agree that it should definitely be one per each guest. I love the idea though :)
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