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I have a quick question and was hoping someone can help me with this. I live in NJ but am having my wedding in Vermont. Would I be able to get my marriage license here in NJ and hire someone in Vermont (officiant) to do my ceremony. Or would I have to get a marriage license in Vermont since someone from Vermont is going to be marrying me? 

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  • Check with your clerk of courts office. This is an international board, so we're all over the country and the world.

    My guess would be that you need to get the licence in the jurisdiction where you are marrying.

    DH and I got married in PA, but we live in PA. In PA, marriage licences are good in all 67 counties, so we got it in the county where we live, and where our priest lives, but it was perfectly valid in the county where we got married.

    Most states won't allow marriage licences to be filed across state borders -- whichever state issues the marriage licence is where it has to be filed and it has to be filled out by someone who's authorised by that state to perform marriages.

    I would think you'd need a VT licence, but call the clerk of courts office.

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  • Usually you need a license from the state or county where the wedding is being held. Some jurisdictions have different requirements also, such as needing blood tests, counseling, or waiting periods. So you need to check with jurisdiction in which you are getting married to see what their requirements are or if they have additional tasks you need to comply with.  I'm getting married out of state and have to apply for the license from the county, in person, at least 3 days before the wedding. Only one of us actually needs to be present to apply, so I'm travelling there a few days early to get license and FI is coming into town day before wedding (I think most places require both be present to apply for license though). You may be able to find the requirements on the county clerks website. A few days waiting period is not uncommon for non-resident or out-of-state weddings. 


  • My parents live in VA but were married in NC, and had to get their marriage license in NC.

    Check the rules where you live but I think that's pretty standard.
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  • It definitely depends. I live in NC currently, getting married in PA... we HAVE to have a PA one.. but it could be from any county in PA and we can only get it 60 days before our wedding. Check with Vermont's rules
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  • I am getting married in VT and live out of state too.  Just look up the town office for the town in which you are getting married.. most of them will have a PDF of the requirements.

    Or call them.

    In general, you get the marriage license where you getting married, NOT where you live.
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  • Thanks everyone. Very helpful information!
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