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Bridal Portraits - Yay or Nay

I'm really contemplating not having bridal portraits taken.  I would prefer using a photo from our engagement session to be displayed at the sign-in table.  Has anyone else not taken bridal portraits and wished they did afterwards?  Thoughts on this?

Re: Bridal Portraits - Yay or Nay

  • I did not take bridal portraits and I do not regret the design to not take them. I don't see the point of them personally. It's not common where I live. I've only known one person personally who took them. :)
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  • I don't think I even know anyone who had bridal portraits taken.
  • I don't know anyone that has had bridal portraits taken either.  I'm not quite sure what the point is as well?  Do you pay to get your hair and makeup done as if it was your wedding?  And what about the dress?  Mine was in alterations until 1.5 weeks before the wedding, not to mention I wouldn't have dared put it on as I'd probably have to take it back to get it pressed again before the actual wedding day!  Seems like an awful lot of work when we were able to get beautiful photos on the actual day.
  • It's a strong tradition in the old South. South Carolina, Georgia, etc - VERY popular. Up north where we are no one has ever heard of it. Everyone uses their engagement session photos.
  • Thank you very much!!!  I'm skipping out on the bridal portrait and using our engagement portrait instead.  Also reduces my florist cost by about $200 since I don't need a bridal portrait bouquet.  =)
  • I am from the North and didn't even know what that was until someone on here mentioned it a few weeks ago. I don't see the point at all. Glad you made your decision! 



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