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Addressing Invitations

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While addressing invitations, are you supposed to put the person you know's name and guest or is it best to include both names? Even if they are not married?


Re: Addressing Invitations

  • You should always include both names unless the person doesn't have a significant other and you are extending him or her a plus one and do not know who he or she is bringing.
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    If Sue is in a relationship with Ellen:

    Sue Smith and Ellen Jones
    (Sue's address)

    Or (if you want to be traditional and only put them on the same line if they're married):

    Sue Smith
    Ellen Jones
    (Sue's address)

    Either is correct.

    If Sue is not in a relationship, and you want her to know that she can bring a guest:

    Sue Smith and Guest
    (Sue's address)
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    If you are inviting someone with a significant other (significant other is anyone who deems them self to be in a relationship- if you do not know, then ask), always put the significant other's name on the invite. If you don't know their name- simply ask.

    The biggest issue with putting, "John and Guest", besides being disrespectful to John's SO, is that "and Guest" implies the invitee can bring whom ever they wish. Thus John is free to bring is girlfriend Sally, his mom, or his best bud Jeff. If this is not what you want, by directly addressing John Doe and Sally Smith, if Sally cannot come, then John would only RSVP for himself, if he still plans to attend. 
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    Married:  Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
                  Ms.Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe
                   Mr. John Doe and Mr. James Smith

    Not Married:  Ms. Jane Jones
                        Mr. John Doe

    Include both names whenever possible.  Ladies are listed first, except for the Mr. and Mrs. format.
  • If you know both names, include both names.  If you don't, try to find out the other person's name.

    If you don't care or can't find out in time who the invited-by-name guest brings, use Name and Guest.
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