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Bridal Portriat Locations - HELP!

This is my first post but I've been reading over several of these and they seem to get some very helpful responses! My wedding is at the end of May and I'm sort of deciding to have bridals done as a last minute thing. I am looking for an indoor location that's elegant (with huge windows, staircases, chandeliers, etc) and modern but allows for a few outdoor pictures as well. I love The Milestone but they're pricy as well as booked almost full. If I could find a location that's free of charge, that would be most ideal for my budget. I've heard people mention the Cotton Mill in McKinney but I'm not a huge fan. I've looked into the Adriatica in McKinney also but does anyone know if they charge? I'm willing to travel but anything around the Plano, Frisco, Dallas area would be awesome!

Re: Bridal Portriat Locations - HELP!

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