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There is a lot of posts on photographers on these forums so I decided to give my advice as a former newbie bride:

First off if I can do it all over again I would never hire a budget photographer or a newbie photographer for that matter.  Brides you have one wedding day and one wedding day only for the rest of your lives.  Do not go cheap on the photographer because pictures is all you have after your wedding.  Don't settle for a photographer because they are in your budget or you got a good deal.   But find someone who's work you love and admire and go with your gut.  

See it's been 16 months since my wedding and when I look back at my pictures there not that great.  There fuzzy and unclear and you can tell that not much time and effort went into them.  We soon found out that the photographer never went to school for any sort photography or invested time to learn the art. They just had a business website and a fancy camera. Thats the trend that I see a lot now these days with photographers whose links are on these forums and it frustrates me because that's how I got suckered in.  There not "all bad" just the majority of them.  

So take my advice and find a really good photographer you love, who knows what there doing, and find some way to pay for it.  Because honestly you can't put a price on those precious memories.  

I don't want anyone to make the mistake I did.  

Just take your time, do your homework, follow your gut, and ask ask ask questions!!!!

Re: Photographer advice for Brides

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    I mean you don't want to hire a "Wal-Mart" style/pricing photographer for your wedding right?

    Just something to consider :)
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    I very much agree with the orginal post in many ways; don't leave the photography to someone who has no experience but at the same time, I would hope every bride would put significant effort into researching a photographer before booking them. Ask for references, ask to see a gallery of an entire wedding shoot and not just their "best of" from each day. Sure, a website can be deceiving but that's their purpose. They're meant to advertise someone's best work. It's up to each bride to dig into each photographer deeper to see their real work.

    A good photographer does not need to have a degree in photography, in fact I met with quite a few who had photography degress but no artistic sense at all and their pictures were awful.
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    With all of the in mind, have either of you used Joe Hang?  There are a lot of recommendation posts on the knot boards, we've contact him and are meeting wth him this weekend.  I am just looking for some additional feedback.


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    babydoll= probably grandillusion himself.  Please don't spam posts with your weblinks links.  Thats just very dishonest.

    Worldtrvr=most good pro photographers don't have a degree.  You're right.  But you can definitely tell the pros from amateurs or newbies.  Go with your gut!

    Amanda=From what I've seen with his work he knows what he is doing.  I kinda wished we would of gone with someone like him for our wedding.  *sigh*

    A great article came up and here is why newbie photographers and cheap photographers are ruining weddings for us brides.
    check it out

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    Thanks Emily!
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    That's a great article! I think it's important to note the difference between the really cheap and also bad photographers and the new photographers who may be new to the industry, but have spent the time to learn the important details behind the art and the business. A low price does not automatically mean bad quality, but again that is why it is so important for each bride to do the necessary research. Don't believe what anyone else says about a particular photographer until you see their work, and A LOT of it for yourself. Ask them what kind of equipment they use, how many back ups they have and how they store the files.

    I think depending on the style of photography you want is also going to make a huge difference on the people & prices you find. A school educated traditional photographer may shoot great technically, but that doesn't make him an artist.

    Also do beware of the photographers on these boards disguising themselves as a bride. Although, if you do take the time to look at their websites their quality level is pretty clear. You're not fooling any of us!
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    Great advice!  At the end of the day, pictures are all you have left.  I researched photographers for about 5 months before finally chosing one.  I asked everyone I knew who they had and asked to see their pictures.  It helped out a lot that some people I work with went the budget route and completely regretted it.  I knew right away that I didn't want to take my chances with an "ok" photographer.
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    I am going with Joe Hang as well! I live in Northern WI and am getting married in Green Bay, so I have done most of my researching online. 
    BUT, I cannot afford most photographers :( I am in awe everytime I look at his pictures! I looked at his fan page on facebook and searched out some of his clients (yeah, stalker right?)  I sent 2 of them messages and they both raved about his work!
    AMANDA: When is your wedding? Are you doing engagement pictures if you go with him? You have to let me know what you think!!
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