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Any other fire fighters gf/FI/wives on here?

I haven't found my places to connect with other ff SO figured I would try here :)

If you are, how did you meet? Are you or did you incorporate fire fighting into your wedding? Are they part time/full time or volunteer? What is the hardest part for you being a SO to them?

I met me DH in EMT school back in 2008, we did not incorporate fire fighting into our wedding but will do a few little touches at our anniversary party and have some pics taken at the station, he is a volunteer ff/emt and has has been for 14 years now, the hardest part for me hit me tonight when I heard about the ff in Boston even though I've heard of many stories before it only really hit me tonight that that could one day be him. With being a volunteer he's only at the station for a shift on Friday nights so I hate sleeping by myself. I also freak myself out so I usually lock myself and the kids in our bedroom to sleep lol

Re: Any other fire fighters gf/FI/wives on here?

  • JCbride2015JCbride2015 Dirty Jerz member
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    I think we have a few firefighters on here, not sure about SOs.  @firebabe6519?
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  • I'll take actual firefighters too lol
  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    My future father in law was a volunteer fire sargeant for 25 years. So my fiance grew up at he firehouse, in the fire trucks, etc. His parents whole house is firefighting paraphernalia everywhere. He joined the volunteer team at 16 years old. (There are no full time departments where I live, they are ALL volunteer basically in the entire state).They were hit big in the heart the day of 9/11 to see hundreds of volunteers lose their lives and they would have been there in a heartbeat if we lived in NY. FI and his dad did it together until FI was 23 years old then they both quit due to politics (some other guy got captain when they thought FFIL should have gotten it or something like that). I met FI when he was 26 so I never knew him as a firefighter but it's still very much a part of his life, when he smells a bonfire he gets excited. When he sees a car accident, he wants to help. We were tuned into the Boston new watching last night as well.

    I'm not strong enough to do what his mom did. I could never kiss my husband and my only son goodbye as they go to a fire and not know whether either would come home alive. I don't know how she did that for so many years.



  • My BIL is a fire fighter and my H is a cop in nearby cities so they always tease each other about who has the better job lol.
  • larrygagalarrygaga Czechoslovakia member
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    The only thing I have to contribute is this

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  • larrygaga said:
    The only thing I have to contribute is this

  • ei34ei34 member
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    Yes, my hubby is a firefighter! We met at a Mets game though, and no, we didn't incorporate any ff stuff into our wedding. He works full- time with the FDNY (they don't have volunteers).
    The hardest part of his job is when he works nights. My father is actually a high-ranking Chief with FDNY, with over 30 years on the job, and he was missing for two days after 9/11, so there's always this fear that something like that will happen again.

    Oh, and I love them both dearly, but neither my hubby or dad look like the guys in @larrygaga 's picture lol..
  • My father was a volunteer fire fighter for 25+ years so I grew up in a fire hall and loved being around the trucks when I was younger. After I got a little older I realized how stressful it was for my mother having to raise 3 kids and my dad leaving to do his job and not knowing if he would come back safe or not. My dad's told me some scary as hell stories.
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