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Nevada-Las Vegas

Part one...I'm slow I know lol

thesepinkdaysthesepinkdays member
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Alaska Airlines

Everything went smooth, I didn't even have to ask for my dress to be put in the closet. As I walked on the flight attendant said to the next one "we have a wedding dress" and off to the first class closet it went.

MGM Grand A 

We had a City View Suite so we got to check in in the Stay Well Lounge. Check in was a breezy and all the ladies where sooooo nice. I asked about the terrace suite location at this point and she said the room had already been blocked for us, so I asked the room number and she gave it to me. We walked up a realized it was not a north facing view. Thursday morning our first guest checked in and was way far from everyone else (turns out he booked the wrong room) so I went down to the lounge to be sure everyone would be put as close as possible, and also to talk about the suite view. Sandy who helped me was amazing! She pre reserved everyone's rooms so that they where all on the same floor also she said she would work on getting the north view. I went back down later to check on the suite and she said they had been making some phone calls and they needed to make a few more because there was an entertainer (Courtney Love haha no big deal) booked for the suite I wanted, I hung out for about 10 mins and after they called the VIP manager and a few other people they got the ok to switch rooms!!!! Sorry Courtney lol! It still was not FOR SURE until we where checked in to the room Friday but Sandy assured me she would be checking every 15 mins or so Friday morning and get us checked in ASAP. Around 10 Friday morning she left a voice mail letting me know she indeed got us checked in and the room was ours! She called again right about 12 and said it was clean and ready to be moved in to! Every single employee at The MGM where so nice, I didn't run in to anyone one that wasn't more thAn happy to help. We spent the day just chillin in the suite with our friends as they arrived. I was already exhausted haha and to be honest just flat out annoyed by everything. Makeup trial was going to be at 6:30 so around 4:30 I got in the shower to start getting ready I really didn't want to haha. My girlfriend doing my hair day of offered to curl my hair and style it for me I said hell ya! So she did that and then Francesca showed up right on time and got set up. 
Francesca Lombardo A+++++  

AMAZING oh my god seriously this woman is the best. She was so sweet and put me in the best mood. As I said I was so over everything haha. We have a lot in common and just had the best time. She made sure I liked everything as she went, I can't even put it in to words how incredible she is. This was the hardest thing for me to decide on,to hire a makeup artist or not....best decision I made hands down. I looked fab if I do say so my self haha. Do a trial! Best time ever! So after make up I got dressed and we where ready to go.
Presidential Limo A 

The driver called me about 10 mins before pick up time to let me know he was on site and ready for pick up and to just call him when we where heading to the lobby. He was right there ready for us and we all climbed on. He asked where we should go and liquor store was the first stop. I had music all set on my phone and the party started, we all got something to drink and then headed to the marriage license place. 

Marriage license A 

We pre registered so we walked right up to the window, filled out a few forms paid 65.00 and off we went. I didn't think about what to do with the license when we went to the club so I just asked the driver if we could leave it with him and have our driver on Saturday bring it. No problem! We took a few pictures with the group and headed to keep cruzin. 
 Tryst A 
We got table service and it was soooooo much fun. It was $100 pp and worth every penny. We walked right up gave our name and our table host came out to greet us. Waited just a few mins and he walked us right in, we had a huge booth in the back with lots of space all around. Our waitress came out took our order and I paid the bill right then. We started with 2 littler bottles of Gray Goose 1 champagne and 1 litter Patron silver. With a third bottle of Grey Goose on hold. There where two guys that kept everything full all night. I asked on about water and he said if I hooked him up he would keep a pitcher of water coming all night, I asked what was hooking him up was and he said $20 ...sold haha. We danced the night away and had an absolute fabulous time! We polished off all the bottles and didn't feel like we needed more haha. Everyone took taxis back. A few of us stayed up going room to room being goofy. Soooo much fun!
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Re: Part one...I'm slow I know lol

  • thesepinkdaysthesepinkdays member
    100 Love Its 100 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited April 2014
    fixed it lol
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  • Love your reviews!! Sounds like you had an amazing time! Your hair and make up look so great too! I'm so jealous of all those pictures it looked so fun :) congrats again Mrs!
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  • Great reviews, that suite looks gorgeous! Sounds like you had a blast as well!
  • That's so great with how accommodating MGM was! I hope everything goes smooth like that for us at TI, but the girl I've been dealing with for rooms has been kind of useless!
    You look so gorgeous in all your photos, Pinky!
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  • Love all the pictures!  That is so awesome about MGM and the room!!!  
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • love the reviews!! My future SIL is named Sandy and she did all of our hotel arrangements funny LOL! i don't think it's the same person, but still funny that its the same name! 
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  • @thesepinkdays ~ for the marriage license, do they just take the info from the pre-reg forms and input it the new forms and print it off?
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