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No friends. Sad face.

This guy on my Facebook (he was my brother's friend in high school) is turning 30 today and all week he's been posting things like "Let's get a group together for dinner for my birthday Friday- let me know who wants to come!" and no one has been responding. No likes or anything. Today he says "If you would like to hang out with me for my birthday, contact me!" I feel bad for him- at least if you don't have any friends stop embarrassing yourself by making that known! I know a lot of people don't use FB and he probably (hopefully) has someone to hang out with but begging for company is not attractive lol 



Re: No friends. Sad face.

  • That's why I hate posting group get-togethers on FB because I'm always afraid everyone will simultaneously reject me. 
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  • I'm with @larrygaga on that. I know I'll have people who will go but with friends who don't check FB, I'm always afraid I'll sound pathetic.

    Poor guy!
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  • That sucks, but personally, I like to get an individual invitation, even if it's just to a Facebook event. I have mild social anxiety, so whenever I see a post like that, I'm not even sure I should comment on it because it wasn't directed at me. If he wants to hang out with people, maybe he should contact them!
  • Yea, I have definitely texted a handul of people in private saying "We're going to this restaurant for my birthday- would love if you came!" I would neve open it up to anyone online, how awkward. Even when I invite people I let them know THEY are important to me one of the few I'm inviting- not hey you're in this ass text to 100 people.



  • Yeah that's really sort of sad.  I am planning Fi's bday right now and I sent a group Facebook message.  Can't imagine just posting a full public status update!  Awkward...

    This is why I will never plan my own bday though.  It's less embarrassing if it's somebody else asking for you.  Planning your own bday on Facebook can look sort of desperate, especially if nobody replies like this poor dude.
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  • Yeah, that's sad. He should just stop posting. Doesn't he have any friends he can text?
  • A good friend of mine does a FB birthday dinner every year.  I'd love to go, but the only other people who do go are her HS group of friends.  I don't know any of them, and while I have no problem meeting new people, a table of 10 people who go way back and me is a little boring, when you don't know the background and inside jokes.  

  • I do a party by FB invite every year (the Annual Hangover party). It's a mix of FI's friends, my friends, and our mutual friends from college/work. But it's not a dinner party - it's a "drop in between these hours and there will be hot food/booze waiting" thing. We've been very lucky in that we've introduced our friends from different social circles to each other, and they've now become friends. This will make for far more fun and better shenanigans at our wedding.

  • I am choosing to believe that his friends texted him about his birthday instead of responding on Facebook. Otherwise it makes me sad.

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