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Looking for someone to make your dream wedding cake in CNY area? Review

Sweet Indulgence Dessert Catering, which is located in the Old Fremont Bakery location on E. 2nd Street in Syracuse, is great! Jaci and Jari have made numerous custom cakes for events that I have either hosted or have been to. If you can dream it up, they can do it. They are very personable. Also, they have many unique flavors. My personal favorite is their Dulce de Leche. They also have a maple and bacon flavored cupcake. I would definitely urge you to go to their shop and try some of their goodies. 

Some fun tidbits: They catered events for Syracuse University. They made a cake for a winery wedding that the bride and groom actually got a glass of wine out of the cake. They are making a wedding cake for an NFL player this year. 

These are all custom cakes that Jaci has made for my events. 
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