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bridesmaid dress wont zipper :(

so yesterday was my bridal shower. out of seven maids four of them live out of state, only one of my out of state maids was able to come, she was also going to be bringing back the rest of the maids dresses with her as two of my cousins live near her and her sister who would be flying in from the west cost next week for her brothers graduation..

so when we ordered the dresses jasmine l3001 in seaglass i told my maids out of state to go someplace and get measured

a few of them had issues as the places they went to said we wont measure you even for a fee unless you purchase from our store.

so they called the salon and got help with measurements over the phone

yesterday i had her try on her dress and it wont zipper all the way up it goes right to where her bra hooks together and then nothing, she said when she ordered she was slimmer and she gained some weight but she just started running.. 

the wedding is in june and now i am freaking out that the rest of the maids dresses wont fit, the other sizes order were a 4 ( that maid is supper skinny and slim)  her should fit no problem, and two size 8s with one of the girls wearing the 8 to be on the busty side..

i know the dress might have  some give on the side to be let an inch or 2 if needed but i dont know how that could help the zipper part

Re: bridesmaid dress wont zipper :(

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