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I am interested in booking him for my wedding but my parents are concerned about the 2nd photographer.  All of his weddings include 2nd photographers and they are all students or under an apprenticeship.  I find that to be somewhat normal during my research.  Has anyone used of heard of him.?
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Re: Kalen Foley Photography

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    Most photographers I talked to only use a second photographer if requested or if the guest count is large, such as more than 200.  They also weren't students.  I never came across that in my research.  

    I would ask to see some of the work that his 2nd photographers have shot so that you can compare his work to their work.

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  • None of the photographers that I have seen or spoke to use a student as their second photographer.  My photographer has 1 guy that is his 2nd shooter.  He is also a professional photographer and his photos are of the same quality as my main photographer.

    I would be very nervous to hire someone who not only utilizes different people for each wedding but also that they are students who probably do not have much experience.  The second shooter is not an afterthought.  In my case, the second shooter will be with my FI when him and his guys get ready as well as taking a lot of the shots at the reception.
  • Thank you for your responses.  I will continue to look for other photographers.
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  • PM me if you want my photographers info. I know he is booked for 2014 but he does have some dates in 2015 left...especially fri and sun dates.
  • Horrible website. Almost impossible to navigate. Images are horrendous.
  • I put up an extended answer to this question in your other post about photographers; check there. The short answer is that you wedding is not to be someone else's training grounds; he should be woring with experienced and professional second photographers only.
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