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I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for this situation. The location for our wedding will be at a music hall that used to be a church. the problem I am running in to, is how to get everyone down the aisle(s). the seating is set up in a U shape with an aisle on each side.  should everyone come down the same isle? and not use the other? or any creative ideas would be much appreciated Laughing

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  • Do you mean that you have a two aisle church?  That's easy.  I was married in a two aisle church, and now I'm the organist is a two aisle church.  Here's how we typically work it:

    Picture yourself standing in the back of the church looking toward the altar.  During the processional, the WP walks down the left aisle, which is also the aisle for the "bride's guests" or "bride's side".  The ceremony takes place at the altar, and then the recessional has the newlyweds  followed by the WP, going out of the church via the right side (groom's side) aisle.

    Works like a charm.  =)
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  • Are you traditional? I'm a big fan of mixing things up... is it possible for the girls to walk down one and the guys to walk down the other and maybe meet up a steps from the altar?  If not, I def think Trix's suggestion is a perfect solution.  Good luck with it!
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  • thank you everyone!! I think we are going to do the up the one side and down the other side. I really appreciate the idea!! :)
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