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Etiquette happy dance

FI and I had our planning meeting with our day of coordinator at our venue last night.  (I love her! She has made this so much easier.)  And I just wanted to share the joy of our etiquette related planning requests:

-Asked to move reception start time back half an hour because officiant thinks the ceremony will be shorter than expected.  DOC's response: Of course! We don't want any gaps!

-Asked to stock the bar without premium liquor so we can afford to do full open bar all night.  DOC's response: No problem, we'll keep that down stairs.  And we don't put out a tip jar either.

-Her suggested timeline was perfect and included things I already knew from this board.  E.g. You should serve the salad and then do toasts so people have something to eat.  And we will start to serve dinner ten minutes after that, so toasts don't run long.

-FI expresses concern that we are getting married outside at a time when the temperature is likely to be in the high 80s.  DOC response: Well, we will set up a water station off to the side of your ceremony so that your guests can get something to drink if they get hot or dehydrated waiting in the sun.

Guest comfort was her number one priority, including things like telling us she will make a plate of our ordered appetizers to bring out to family, WP, and us while we are taking pictures so we don't get hungry either.

I'm so excited now.  Everything is coming in on budget, my guests will be hosted properly, and it looks like it's going to be beautiful.

Now all I have to do in terms of planning with the venue is decide whether I want to rent chair covers, which we can afford but would put us slightly over budget (by less about $420).

*happy dance*
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Re: Etiquette happy dance

  • Yeah for a DOC who knows her stuff!!!

    I would skip the chair covers by the way...  No one will notice or remember what the chairs looked like and once people take their seats you won't even see them in pictures.
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  • How exciting! You sound very stress free and that is fantastic!

    I agree with above. Chair covers are not necessary (unless they are some hideous color or in horrible shape), save that money or put it towards something else you want (maybe a nice couples massage on the HM?)

  • Your DOC sounds wonderful! Good for you!

    I second PPs. Chair covers are just not needed. I would only use them if the chairs were old/stained, etc etc. Skipping those will mean keeping that money tightly in your wallet!
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  • No one at a wedding says: "I really liked those chair covers".


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    Good for your DOC.  But unless the chairs are going to get really hot out in the high 80 degree temperature, you don't need covers for them.  Even if you have them, they shouldn't cost that much.
  • The chairs are in good condition from what I remember, padded and comfy.  But they are black, which makes the room look awfully dark. Our reception decorations are not costing us very much since the venue provides so much already.  I know they aren't necessary.  Basically, it comes down to whether I feel like splurging a little on decor.  We've stayed so close to budget, and had an extra unexpected monetary contribution from my parents, so I'm considering it.
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    I would have to see the chairs or the room to comment on whether to cover them or not.
  • No one at a wedding says: "I really liked those chair covers".

    I did :( mostly because I'm planning mine and like to get ideas..

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