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My 16-year old sister is my MOH, the other Bridesmaids are wondering what to do?

Hi all,

My 16-year old sister (only sister), is my MOH, and I definitely wouldn't have it any other way.  The bridesmaids are all cousins and groom's sisters, and my long time best friend.

They are all very excited and I think it's a great bridal party -- however they are all asking me what to do about my sister and planning a bachelorette party, having drinks, etc.  I have told all of them that my sister knows she won't be able to make it to all of it, but it's important to all of us that she is included in something somehow.

I am nervous to tell the other bridesmaids what to do about my sister and a bachelorette party, but I am not really sure who now "makes a plan" for that, as it would usually be MOH's "responsibility"?

Re: My 16-year old sister is my MOH, the other Bridesmaids are wondering what to do?

  • This is exactly what I'm going through!
    I went ahead and was honest with my sister; I was like, I love you, but you're too young to plan the bachelorette party, and I want to go to 6th street, lol! 
    She understood, and I went ahead and asked my 1st bridesmaid, my best friend who is my age, to plan the bachelorette party. My sister was okay with it, and I told her that she could come to the after party when we get back from the bars so that she is still included in pictures and such, and drink if she wanted to (I guess its up to your parents, mine are okay with her having a few drinks).
    Good luck!! :)
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    I was a teen maid in a wedding of older girls, and what we did was have a little dinner and pre-game at someones house, complete with home facials and mani/pedis. THen they all went out to the bars. It was really fun, and one of my favorite memories, even if I didn't get to out later.
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  • I have a similar issue. My 2 MOH's are of drinking age and we usually have wine or other beverages together on outings, however my 19 year old sister and 19 yr old niece round out my bridal party. I discussed the idea of going to restaurant for dinner as part of the bach party so that everyone is included. However, it is up to the MOH's to decide the what when where what time and if anything happens after a group outing. I merely made a suggestion that allowed everyone to participate and reminded them of the younger bridesmaids ages.
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    Do you and your other bridesmaids want to have a bachelorette party with alcohol? A simple solution might be to encourage your sister to do a house or hotel party instead, so that your bridesmaids can stock up the house or hotel with booze and your sister will be able to be involved in the festivities. You can also definitely ask one of your bridesmaids to help out your sister (talk to you sister about this first). 

    I'm actually a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding this fall and the bride asked me to plan her bachelorette this summer because her younger sister, the MOH, doesn't have a great grasp on party planning. I don't think anyone is offended... I'm excited and her younger sister is relieved! I'm sure your sister won't mind at all if another bridesmaid helps her out, especially with drink buying, hotel reserving, and whatnot. :)
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