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Hi ladies,

I'm pretty well set on the rules I should be following in regards to tipping most of my vendors, like the caterers.  My question is, should I be tipping the crew that delivers and sets up our tent?  We're renting a large tent, tables, chairs, etc.  The crew will set up the tent but we are responsible for dealing with the tables and chairs ourselves.  The price we're paying supposedly includes the delivery and setup of the tent, but I think back to when we moved to our new house and we tipped our movers even though we were paying them specifically to move our stuff and it seems like a similar situation.

Any ideas?

Re: Tipping Question

  • I would tip them if they work quickly, have great customer service, etc.
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  • A tip never hurts and is usually much appreciated. I'm sure they are used to not getting tips, as I'm sure there are situations where they never even see the client. You probably don't even know how many people this company will send but if it's in your budget and you see them, and with what inkdancer said, I would.
  • We tipped 2 of the guys, but that was because we had a storm on the wedding day and they went above and beyond.   They had to stay at the event the whole time giving up their Saturday night.

    We would not have done that other wise.  One reason is they charged use a delivery charge and the other we were not around to see the delivery anyway.  They came 2 days before the wedding.  The 2 we did tip came down the on the wedding day because the tent collapsed the morning of.

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  • Thanks ladies.  We're having the wedding at our home so I will definitely be there when they deliver and set up the tent.  I think I'll keep some cash on hand and see how things go and will probably just decide on the spot whether it's warranted.
  • If you're going to do that, keep several of each denomination of bill so the guys don't have to split it up themselves. As in, keep 5-6 5-dollar bills, $10 bills, and $20 bills. And maybe some gatorade or bottles of water on hand for them too.
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