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I know I've read this before...

H & I gave a couple a check on May 3rd and it still hasn't been cashed. I made the check out just to the groom since I didn't know if the bride was taking his name and we had issues cashing a couple due to the fact my name wasn't changed legally yet. This couple is a little lazy and I don't want to be rude, but I can't stand being off in my checkbook. H talks to him regularly, so can I have him mention it or should I wait a couple more weeks? 

Re: I know I've read this before...

  • It's been almost a month. I think it's fair for your H to say to the guy, 'Hey, we saw you haven't cashed our cheque yet, is everything OK with it?'

    I'm all for people not cashing them before they write the TY notes, but a month is plenty of time to write a TY note, unless they got married May 4 and went on a three-week honeymoon.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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    We cashed ours before we wrote the thank you notes.  We got married on Saturday, cashed the checks on Monday, left on our honeymoon on Tuesday.  We didn't want to risk anything getting lost or misplaced.  

    I know if I don't do something like that right away, it will sit forever.  So it could be they put everything aside after the wedding, planning to take care of it after the honeymoon and it just slipped their minds and a reminder may be in order. 
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