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Bride-to-be Freebies : 5/31

Answer the question below by 11:59 EST tonight for a chance to win!

Where did you and your significant other meet?

TODAY'S PRIZE: Dogeared Jewelry Set
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Re: Bride-to-be Freebies : 5/31

  • Online (match.com)
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  • We met on Match.com! But our first real date was lunch at a restaurant close to my house.
  • At my job I was his bank teller and my coworker and manager set us up even though he tells everyone I picked him up lol
  • In a corn field. We both love agriculture as much as we love each other.
  • We met through mutual friend that I worked with. Asked him 3 times to have a drink with me before he finally said yes!
  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its Third Anniversary First Answer
    Online (OkCupid), but our first date was to a restaurant that I'd been wanting to try for a really long time. We fell in love over food.
  • My soon to be husband and I met through mutual friends who are married.  I worked with my friend Becky, and her husband and my fiancee are good friends.  They introduced us and 10 1/2 months later...we were engaged!!

  • We met at a mutual friends house. It was our friends , brothers 18 birthday party and we were the oldest ones there. 8 years ago. :)
  • hanjoyhanjoy member
    Second Anniversary 25 Love Its 10 Comments
    We met at a friend's movie night. Two months later we saw each other again at a BBQ and he asked me on a date two days later :) 
  • We met in college
  • edited May 2014
    My best friend is best friends with his older sister.  When his older sister met me, she decided she wanted him to marry me, so she and my best friend set us up (which wasn't easy, because we lived really far apart, and I was interested in another guy at the time).  But we finally met in person last February, we started dating in May of 2013, and he proposed last month! 

  • Through Friendfinder, but he cooked dinner for me for our first date.....
  • My fiancé and I went to middle school together but we didn't start dating until college. Our first date was getting ice-cream together :)
  • We met in college - both of us were music majors.
  • We met in high school :) our lockers were across the hall from each other. Started off as best friends and now planning to share our lives together❤️
  • We met in college, lived in the same building at our apartment complex! Went out one night, talked over milkshakes at a diner and have been together ever since <3

  • kifryerkifryer member
    Second Anniversary First Comment
    We met through a mutual friend while I was on Christmas break from law school on December 20th, 2010 and we had our first date 2 days before Christmas... Best. Holiday. Ever. :-)
  • We met in culinary school :)
  • We met in organic chemistry lab. He forgot to bring his notes and asked to borrow mine.  Or did he?  I'll never know, because he did use that to find out my name and find me on Facebook and add me to get to know me. 
    Modern day fairytale if you ask me! :)
  • rsbloomrsbloom member
    100 Comments 25 Love Its Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    I met him at a Bear(Beer) Garden at UCSD.  It was the weekend of his 21st birthday and didn't remember meeting me, and I was on a date with one of his friends! haha  He met me, and remembered me this time, at TGIF when we all went out again.
  • Online!!! My friend made me sign up and he was the first person I agreed to meet after a few months of being a member. We decided to meet at a nearby snazzy little bar that I had always wanted to go to and we had a blast!! It was so much fun we went out the next night for dinner and so on! He is definitely the love of my life!
  • I've known my fiance since I was 16 (turning 22 on June 16th) and we met through a mutual friend of ours :)
  • In the dorm at college
  • We are high school sweethearts :)
  • We met on our college campus two days before classes started! That was nearly 8 year ago! (:
  • We met in a chat room online, back before anyone else was meeting on the internet! We're talking 1999! We started the trend ;) We met a few months later and all these years later, we've finally decided to tie the knot!
  • High school sweethearts ♥
  • cderr15cderr15 member
    Fourth Anniversary First Comment
    My fiancé and met in homeroom in high school! We were best friends for 3 years before we became high school sweethearts :)
  • Very surprisingly Plenty of Fish. I never would have imagined I would meet my future husband on POF
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