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Bride-to-be Freebies : 5/31


Re: Bride-to-be Freebies : 5/31

  • We were all at a Halloween party together because we shared some of the same friends. I was dressed as one of the rockers from Jem and he was a ninja. Funny is that we would have met many times prior but I either arrived at a party too early or too late and we kept missing each other until that Halloween night and he followed me around (not very ninja like!)
  • we met online, on a dating site
  • At work! I was the new firefighter, he was the fire marshal.
  • KpmeKpme member
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    We met in law school.
  • My hubby-to-be and I meet in college. I am finishing my nursing degree and he is finishing his PT degree. He actually intervened when my then boyfriend was yelling and calling me names. My knight in shining armor!
  • My fiancé and I met while I was working an annual Christmas party and he was out having fun with a friend (I worked above a bar). We saw each other a couple times downtown following and then finally got to hang out on his birthday!
  • FiancBFiancB MinnesOOOta member
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    On OKCupid. We lived almost an hour apart so we met up at a cute cafe in s a touristey town halfway in between. 
  • He was my best's friend's husband best friend and they set us up.  


  • We met 10 years ago on a school bus coming back from a field trip. The art classes went to see Stomp Out Loud.
  • On our very first day at Tulane during Freshman Orientation. We started dating three days later, evacuated for Katrina together three days after that, and have been together almost nine years now. This morning I remarked that I could never have known in the moment we met that we would be married someday.
  • I met my future husband in college through my roommate... who happened to be his cousin :). In fact, I had met the entire family before I ever met him! The first time he brought me home was pretty easy :)!

  • pinkshorts27pinkshorts27 Oregon member
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    We met in middle school at a soccer event. We were playing on the same co-ed team.

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  • We met in High School and then he moved away and we got together 2 years later. Best thing ever!
  • Online (eharmony). He was one of my first matches (literally the day after I signed up) and we spoke daily for a month before meeting because we were both too busy with work. We went on our first date for coffee at Tim Hortons and then after talking for 2 hours, decided to go for dinner at a nearby restaurant and ended up talking for yet another 2 hours!


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  • KPBM89KPBM89 member
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    We met when we started college.  His campus was next to mine and I went to a soccer game there.  A friend of mine knew a friend of his so we sat with them and chatted.  

  • jmcvaejmcvae member
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    Online (Match)
  • YFDDYFDD member
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    We met online on a language learning website when we were learning each other's native language. We talked for months before we met in person. :D
  • We met on Facebook when I mistook him for a kid I attended high school with. I quickly found out that wasn't the case, but we ended up talking all night and exchanging numbers!
  • At our best friend's halloween party.
  • Online! We physically met in a cute little Italian restaurant in a town near us. I would of never dreamed while getting ready for that first date, that I would be meeting my future husband! :) 
  • We both do community theatre. 
  • kcaf2bekcaf2be member
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    We were matched on okcupid but never actually met before he disabled his account; he didn't think he'd meet a decent girl online. A few months later we ran into each other at a mutual friend's birthday celebration. The rest is history :-)
  • tkedwartkedwar member
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    It was the summer between my junior and senior year in college. I could never focus at home, so I would go to the local Starbucks to study for the GRE. He worked there and would give me free coffee! We started dating a few months later, and the rest (these last 6 1/2 years) is history!
  • We met in high school photography class
  • We met 6 years ago through a mutual acquaintance and lost contact. Fast forward to 2012 right after a messy breakup, my fiancé added me on FB. We decided to go out for dinner and we've been together ever since. Literally...we started living together after a month and got engaged on our 1 year anniversary :)
  • We met at the Boston Marathon :)
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    We started chatting in a Tim Hortons.  
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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  • yadgirlyadgirl member
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    We met online.
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