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Bride-to-be Freebies : 5/31


Re: Bride-to-be Freebies : 5/31

  • I don't know that I want to put it out there, but I met him at work in a very unfortunate job. :/ We tell people we met online though, and the funny thing is, we'd both previously been looking online, on some of the same sites, but never found each other that way. We've also pinpointed several other times that we were literally a few feet away from each other but missed meeting each other, in the 7 years I've lived near this area.

    Our first time out together was a very early morning trip to McDonald's, which resulted in me ordering the same thing he ordered because I was afraid he'd think my usual order disgusting.

    Our first real date was at a regional wing place which we both love, I think we were both nervous, but we both had a great time (except when I tripped because of my shoes in the parking lot) and we still use that date (Sept. 3) as our anniversary date.

    But I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him that something big had just happened, and so did he.
  • duhitsdduhitsd Central NY member
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    We met in my dorm lounge area our second year of college.
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  • She was a store manager and I a vender. We where friends first, she helped me through a tough time.
  • In college! 
  • We meet at an officials training session.
  • We met online on match.com... had our first date at starbucks... and when they closed, they kicked us out! We stayed in the parking lot until 5 am chatting! Both our parents called to see if we were still alive lol.

    We have barely spent more than a few days apart since that day over a year and a half ago. We've been engaged almost 2 months!
  • At a mutual friend's birthday night, playing laser tag! We had actually gone to the same elementary, middle and high schools, but didn't meet until the time was right, right after college!
  • We both went to the same university. We even had the same major, although we never had classes together!
  • We met at a State Park during a tubing expedition with some mutual friends
  • We had been acquaintances in high school, live in the same town and had the same group of friends. We never hung out or chatted much but I knew he had a crush on me then. After high school he left for the Navy and I went to college. We never talked while he was gone, but social media let me know he was doing ok. After 9 years, a mutual friend from home was having a Christmas party and we were both invited. We talked all night and I wasn't letting him get away, so I asked him out! 2 and a half years later and we are engaged and happier than ever :)
  • fmp29fmp29 member
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    Through my college roommate who was dating his best friend!
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  • We met online. Then went on a double date.
  • Eharmony. He was my first and only date. We went to dinner, bowling then sat and talked in my car for four hours. I knew then he was the one.
  • We were set up by a friend at work.  I met him at Outback (which was where he was working.)  
  • I met my future husband in high school. We were good friends for about 4 years before started dating in college.
  • ... 8th grade Honors English Class... We've been together FOREVER.
  • During college on a study abroad trip to Greece and Turkey!! Six years later, we're tying the knot!!!!! So happy!
  • We met in high school but never dated until Senior year! Grew up in the same town, same school, and now same college! Four years later.. he proposed and I said YES!
  • At a rock show!
  • We met at a bar in Kansas City. Initially, I actually tried to get him to dance with my best friend!
  • We met when we were both interns at the same company. When he told me he liked me I told him I only liked him as a friend lol, because I was hung up on yet another intern, but then I came around & realized something good had been right under my nose!
  • We met at college because he had a pet rabbit and I happened to love rabbits! 
  • We met at a baby shower on Cinco de Mayo. Needless to say, that baby Maya will be one of our flower girls!
  • We have known each since middle school! Were friends in hogh school and started dating in college. He asked me to his senior prom (I am a year older) and that where it all started.
  • We actually graduated high school together in 2002, but were never friends. Facebook brought us back together and we began chatting on instant messenger….and 11 months later we were engaged! 
  • We met in high school PE class. He was displaced after hurricane Katrina and happened to attend my school for a couple of months.
  • CLP22CLP22 member
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    We were set up by a mutual friend and met at Youth Camp.
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