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How many photo's to expect for a wedding? (or for me vow renewal)

I found a photographer I like, well, at least I like what she has on her site.  I contacted her, and she said that she charges a flat fee of $350 and about 150-200 shots.  That being said, I live near Gatlinburg, TN and a lot of people elope here and maybe I just wasn't clear that we are doing a ceremony and reception.  

I also told her that I wanted some family portraits done, (I was thinking rather than engagement shots) as we've never had them done, ever.  So, I guess I just need to clarify. 

But how many shots should you expect for a wedding/reception including getting ready shots?

Re: How many photo's to expect for a wedding? (or for me vow renewal)

  • It entirely depends on what you want. Pictures were our top priority, so we booked a photographer for 8 hours (for much more than $350). Our contract stated that we could expect 500 photos. We ended up with more than 800: about 250 from before the wedding (first look and couples' portraits, posed family portraits, details, etc.), about 300 from our hour-long ceremony, and about 300 from our four-hour reception. (We skipped getting ready photos and had her stay longer at the reception instead.)

    Unless your ceremony and reception are very, very short, I would not expect 200 photos to be enough to capture everything. Just tell her you're interested in a larger package, more hours and more photos. She'll most likely adjust her price quote accordingly.
  • How long is you time block with photog? 

    On average, most photogs, deliver at least 100 images per hour they are with you. A little less for all day coverage bc of down time between getting ready and once the main reception stuff ends - assuming they stay until the end.

    If you only have her shooting for 2 hours then that is an OK estimate. They usually estimate on the lower side to be safe.
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