Wedding Woes

Finally Friday

What's on for the weekend?

All we have scheduled is tee ball and the parish picnic.  DH wants to get an oil change and haircuts.  At some point I should consider Father's Day.  Or at least get 6let to plan it.  All 6let has mentioned is getting him a coffee mug.

Re: Finally Friday

  • We're off tonight but we've got baseball saturday and sunday.

    Sunday is also Son's birthday so we'll probably go out to eat.  I hope his last gift gets here today or tomorrow.  It's supposed to be here tomorrow.  We let him open all of his presents at his party last sunday but he wanted to save one for his actual bday.

  • I'm working this morning and just forced DH out of bed so that he can get DefConn to the sitter.  I want him and the kiddo to accomplish *something* house-related this morning.  BIL and SIL are in town and DH is playing tennis with BIL this afternoon.  I'm off this afternoon and am hoping to accomplish some shopping and maybe a haircut. 

    Tomorrow is lunch out with all the IL's and then BIL's college roommate's wedding reception.  

    Sunday, hanging out in the morning.  We take DH to the aiport for his trip to PA and then we're heading to my sister's for dinner. 
  • Today is Orange is the New Black! I'm only working half a day and coming home to binge.  Plus, work is still slow, so it'll give me a bit of a long weekend.  Tonight a good friend has his new art show up.  Tomorrow is shopping with Mom and cleaning house.  Sunday is game day with some friends we haven't seen for awhile.  Busy weekend, but at least it's full of fun stuff.
  • V, I watched the first episode while I was getting ready this morning. Started off really good.

    Guess who has to work tomorrow? Me!!!!!

    Darn snow day.

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    On a Saturday, NOLA?!  That isn't right.  Nope.

    Tonight:  Run after work (hope to get out of here before 2:30) and then sit around.  My parents are finishing up moving stuff into their teeny house and asked to use H's truck, YESTERDAY, so no, they won't be using it.  Also, they never asked H, they asked me to ask him.  NO.  Poor planning parents, poor planning.

    H works 16 hours today, so I'll try to stay up until midnight to see him.  We shall see.

    Tomorrow:  H wants to go for a bike ride, maybe his coworker will join.  I hope the weather works out,  I'd love to get out and ride for a few hours.  Then sit on my butt for the remainder of the day.

    Sunday:  LONG RUN.  I need to get out and put in a few miles in.  October seems so far away, and I know it's just a matter of ticking off weekends and it'll be here sooner than I think.  Sheesh.  Breakfast/LUNCH with H because he works latelatelate and then time with my familia.
  • Plans for this weekend....nothing firm.

    DD has her dance class, errands, going to try to submit a few resumes. Definitely work on getting the last component of my WAH desk put up, maybe get curtains started/sewn.
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    Nothing major planned for the weekend.  We may go to a festival tomorrow.  Sunday is church and more purging.  I'm hoping to cull through my clothes and get a load to the consignment shop.
  • Flying to fucking TN for this goddamn audit (I am in a foul mood today probably because I was up till 11 pm working). I also need to do shit like laundry and clean.
  • PMeg819 said:

    Flying to fucking TN for this goddamn audit (I am in a foul mood today probably because I was up till 11 pm working). I also need to do shit like laundry and clean.

    If you happen to be stuck in Nashvegas and need a reprieve/happy hour/decompress/social hour, you can look me up :)

    I know audits don't always work that way, though :P
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  • I don't think I can. As it stands I'm expected to be there from 7:30 am to 6 pm M-Th. I know, how do I get off complaining when I'm clearly working so little. I know that my manager said she is taking me out one night and I think there is a plan to got out with QA another night. <--- Good times.
  • This weekend is round 2 of dance recitals, this time its GD2.  Her's is a bigger school and its 2 nights, I'm going to both of course :).  Not much else this weekend, I want to go to garage sales and sleep a lot. H is back to work today and tomorrow so hoping he is drinking a lot of water so we don't have a repeat of last week.
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