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question for people who know more about travel/prices than me (which would be everyone)

Still trying to figure out 1-when exactly I"m going down for baby sis's wedding (a day or 3 early or just for the weekend--but the Mr. will be going for the 3 days ONLY.) and 2-If Buffy is coming (she can stay w/grandparents and not go...or we pay for her to go. I lean toward taking her, the Mr. leans toward not).

That said, he, at least, is flying down on Oct 3, back on Oct 5.  I'm seeing airfare for southwest for $140 each person, each way ($70 more to pick another airport...).  Is this a 'buy it now!' moment or do we gamble further?
Anyplace I should look?
Is it a good idea or a bad idea to book the hotel through there too?  They'll be non refundable @ that price too...which makes me a little extra nervous.
(and I don't know the when or where for flying smoeplace tropical for bach party that's supposed to apparently occur.

Re: question for people who know more about travel/prices than me (which would be everyone)

  • I would also check kayak to see what other airlines are going for. I also don't know where you're flying from and to, but I say buy now.
  • The $140 each way actually sounds good.  (Ridiculous)
    Where are you going and what are the options for flying out of other airports?
  • $280 rt is really cheap--does that include taxes and fees or is it just the base fare? If I knew when I were going, I'd snap it up. As for Buffy vs. no Buffy, if it's in your budget, I'd take her, but that's just me. Wooz has always been a good traveler and travel seems to be good for her, but every kid is different so take it FWIW.
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    I thought that seemed cheap too--probably booking tonight then.
    We're flying out of Detroit, into Dallas--although I'm game to change my outgoing airport (Lansing, Flint, GR--whatever).

    To add to the math, Buffy will, in theory bein in preschool then because I just got a call that they're on to take us.  So that makes the budget tighter (although she wont' be in preschool on Friday-Sun, so that part doesn't affect anything other than her tiredness.
  • do you do e-bates? if you book direct with the hotel, you'd likely qualify for cash back through e-bates. 

    The $280RT is pretty good. you might as well book that now. (SW also has a policy about price changes within a specific window - they don't charge, and you need to take it as a credit, but I doubt you'll need to worry about that.) I've never booked a hotel through SW, but I've managed to maintain status with Marriott due to work and vacation travel, so I'm pretty brand loyal. Their cancellation policy is also very good (usually up until 4-5pm hotel time on check in day at no charge), and you don't need to pre-pay. 

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    I have signed up for ebates but haven't paid attention--but that does remind me to check for my union discounts--the Mr. and I each get them and they can be awesome. I've left messages for baby sis to verify whether or not she wants me to come down early to help w/ stuff and to make sure I'm looking in the right neighborhoods for hotels
  • Book it now. Typically, there are so many low, mid, and high priced seats per plane. When the low fares are gone, they're gone. 
  • My mom lives in GR and flys to Nashville frequently, you won't get it cheaper to fly out of lansing or GR EVER with our experience.  I'm always watching for cheap tickets for her to come see us and that rate you found is pretty cheap. But check Cheap O Air first, we got her last one there for $207 with fees.
  • *That was round trip
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    I love the GR airport, it's way easier than the others--but, yeah, it's always more it seems.
    CheapOAir seems to match/just beat SW I need to book these...
    as soon as I decide if I'm buying 2 tickets or 3...BabySis would like Buffy there, but understands why we might not want to.  I lean toward bringing her, the Mr. leans toward not--it's expensive and kids are kinda inconvenient to fly cross-country with.

    I'm going to call my dad tonight and find out when they're flying in, and if they've booked hotels yet, because that may affect it.  And then buy them.  I will feel better when I have these in my hot little hands.
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