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what do you think about programs

 I always go to a wedding and see that they hand out programs... I always take mine home w/ me and throw away :( but, when Im looking around the room TONS of people leave them on the seat or floor or throw them away when they leave.... Now that Im getting married in less than 8 months Im starting to face the Program question... Thats a lot of money for people to just throw away with in 20 min... what do you guys think... is it normal not to have them?

thanks guys.. hope you can help me out with this!

Re: what do you think about programs

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    I think I will have them, because most of my guests are sentimental and will keep them. However, I will be making them myself, and they will be very simple. I'm having a handfasting, and instead of telling everyone what that is afterwards, I want them to be able to read a little about it so that they can appreciate it, too.

    If you want some way to pass along certain info, but don't want programs, here is an alternative (which I am also considering):

    Type up want you would put in a program and take it to Kinko's (or FedEx Office or whatever it's called) and have them blow it up to poster size. Find some nice cheap frames somewhere and put the "program" in them. Then hang them in the lobby or entrance. That way, if someone wants to know the information, it's there, but you aren't making everyone feel guilty about throwing away the program afterwards.

    I would suggest, if you go the poster route, to have a few printed up (for your parents, grandparents, yourselves, etc.) for a nice keepsake.
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    I'm a fan of programs.  As a guest, I think it makes the ceremony much more interesting/meaningful when I know from the program that it's your dear Aunt Mary doing the reading rather than just some random person I've never met. 

    They don't have to be fancy. Mine are going to be a DIY project.  Self print the pages, fold them in half, maybe tie on a ribbon.
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    As far as I'm concerned, the question of whether programs are important depends on what you would put in them.  In our case, we had a Jewish ceremony with several nonJewish guests.  We therefore included the entire text of the ceremony (with transliterations and translations of the Hebrew), plus explanations of each of the Jewish wedding customs.

    I saw another couple in which the parents of the bride spoke a different language than the parents of the groom.  Having the ceremony written out in each language meant that at least both sides could know what was going on, even when it was not in their language.

    On the other hand, if your programs would be strictly a listing of the members of your wedding party, programs are definitely optional.  If your guests have never seen these people before, and probably never will again, how many of them really care that one is your cousin, one is your friend from college, etc.?
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    We are doing them.... we have a large wedding party and a couple of new things we are doing. I dont people sitting there going.. WTF is up with the bell.

    I bought stock card paper 150 sheets for $5 at walmart.. I created it front and back in powerpoint and printed 2 per paige.. I used fancy scissors to cut them and tied a black ribbon the side..

    I didnt want to spend much cause again some people will throw them away.. so I basically made 300 programs for $8
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    It is perfectly normal not to have programs.  And ... its okay to not to want to have them, despite trends.  We will not have programs.
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    We aren't having them; I thought we'd just have our officiant sort of announce what is going on when.  Like you said, I'd rather have that couple hundred bucks to spend elsewhere...
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    I like the idea of programs, but I am sentimental and keep those sorts of things. I am having an outdoor wedding and decided that I wanted a fan, and found this idea when searching for program ideas. These are very inexpensive (although they are time consuming) and we are creating a crossword puzzle on the back of some and a word search on others.
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