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I hate research

Not really but I hate the research I'm having to do right now. I'm doing some research on the history of violence. On one hand it makes me feel a little better about today's society. On the other hand it makes me really hate people.

Re: I hate research

  • I feel your pain! I took a class on structural violence in my undergrad. It was a horribly depressing semester, it was important to learn about but it pretty much made me hate humanity.

  • I feel your pain! When I was in college I studied political science, but my two areas of specialty were terrorism and genocide. I had some classes that made me legitimately depressed. 
  • I'm helping my boss prepare for a lecture he is going to give next month about the anthropological impact of violence in history. People just really suck. Like really. When I get home I'm going to have to look up some happy good deed stories to restore my faith in humanity,
  • One fact has remained constant throughout history: Human beings have always found innovative ways to be incredibly cruel to one another. There have always been good people, too, and those working towards social justice.
  • I sometimes find women's social history depressing.  What is depressing about that is, when you dig deep enough, you see so many things that haven't changed for thousands of years.  Like people believing that a woman's body shuts down when she gets raped so that she can't  get pregnant, so if she does get pregnant she is lying about the rape.  I was studying medieval law accounts and came across it as a defensive, and a few weeks later the one US senator starting talking about it. 
    I'm still waiting for some guy to try to convince a woman to have sex with him to calm her "wandering womb".

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