Wedding Woes

This week has dragged

What's up for the weekend?

Sat am I don't know.  Sat pm 6let (who just lost another tooth) has tee ball and we're going to my sister's.  I thought he'd be bummed to miss a party, but he kind of just said "bring me cake."

Sunday is 6let's plan: sleep in and coffee for dad, presents in bed. Get DH's fishing license and fish.  Let dad choose dinner.

FWP: DH bought scotch this week.  I was looking forward to a glass last night.  He bought cheap ass Dewar's.  It wasn't worth it.

Re: This week has dragged

  • We've got the weekend off from baseball.

    Tomorrow we have our niece's second birthday party.

    Tomorrow night DH and I are doing date night.  We don't have it planned yet, but we're doing it.

    Sunday we'll grill out and relax at home.

  • Day 2 of my PTO, DH is OOT so yesterday I annihilated bushes and shopped/browsed kid free, had pizza/cupcake dinner while watching Daniel
    Tiger and SuperWhy....them World's Worst Tornadoes while DD was sleeping ;)

    Today, DD is hookying too. So, it's swimming and lunch at the pool (indoor most likely) and make cupcakes, also see if I can clean up the last of the bushes waste and pick up a new printer.

    Saturday, DD's dance class, Pride festival. Depending on whether DD hit her wall or not, either watch movies at home, do a little kiddie water park nearby or do dome other shopping that needs to get done

    Sunday is TBA except for picking up DH at the airport. Then, whatever he wants to do when he gets back since it's, you know, Fathers Day

    When I wear out my daughter, I go for the marathon ;)...Training DD to be the endurance warrior just like mama :)
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    No idea.

    This afternoon I'm going home and crying on H's shoulder, so that should be fun.  Then a run, that'll round out the week in a good way.  Hopefully I can make it to midnight to see H when he comes home from work.  I didn't sleep for sh*t last night so who knows (crying related).

    Tomorrow: no idea.  Don't care...staring at a wall.  It'd be nice to get out and ride my bike, even though H won't come.

    Sunday:  Long run in the AM and then hanging with H until he goes to work.  Probably something with my parents for FD.

    I'm a big whiny mess.
  • It happens, O-face.  

    Tonight is DH's fundraiser.  One good thing is that my friend T is coming.  I should point out, I've talked a lot about my friend T&M, gay couple.  T&M are divorcing, after 25+ years together (I think it's 20 something married).  I'm sad; at the same time they haven't been happy together for a really long time and I'm not sure it was fixable for various reasons.  

    Tomorrow I'm supposed to go volunteer in a community garden, but I'm wearing out.  I've got some new books and comic book collections to read and that sounds more appealing.  I've been awful social this week and I'm needing some down time.  We're going over to dinner for Father's Day and that's about it.
  • DH is at a game convention (in town) all weekend.  So I'll have lots of time on my own.  Crossing my fingers that DD behaves for the most part.
    Tonight - hanging out at my mom's.  
    Tomorrow -  DD has ice skating lesson in the morning.  And then we need to work on Father's Day gifts. We have no other plans until the evening, when our neighborhood has their Dinner and Movie night.  There will be food trucks, and then we'll be watching "Frozen" on the lawn.  This is one of my favorite things about our 'hood.
    Sunday - DD and I might go to the game convention with DH and then we need to stop by my dad's house at some point.  Sunday will end on a sad, sad note.  It's the season finale of Game of Thrones.  I may cry.  <--- definite FWP.
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    This was just a three day week for me, but I swear short weeks are the slowest!

    Tonight-dinner and shopping with my mom

    Tomorrow-pool party and bbq with some friends that FI and I are hosting

    Sunday-workout class with a girlfriend followed by lunch and then relaxing the rest of the day

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  • We have to redo the whole backyard this weekend to get ready for family descending on us in two weeks. Laying out a yard and a half of rock, then resodding the rest. Also have to clean out the extra guest room and turn it into an actual guest room instead of storage. And get the puppy her bortadella vaccine and a bath. And buy a bunch of wedding stuff, make favors, meet with our officiant and I'm sure other wedding things I'm forgetting. Luckily I don't have to take any work home with me this weekend!
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