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Help - search function seems to not be working?

Hello all --

I tried to do a "local search" for the DFW-only board and keep getting answers from other boards. I used the search bar on the bottom  per the sticky's instructions and selected "DFW" - but am still getting answers from all over the board!!??

Can anyone help?

Re: Help - search function seems to not be working?

  • try doing a regular search and then when you get to the search results, you should see a drop down arrow in the box and then you can select which board to actually search in. seems like there should be a way to get to that in the previous step, but i don't think there is. this way works for me!
  • Thank you for the helpful reply kate. I see a srop down list - but it's not a city/location list - just topics like "Attire" and "Ceremony Ideas."

    Is there any way to search the local boards?
  • I did a search exactly the way @kateyg711 suggested and it worked for me.  Type what you need in the search bar and click "go."  You should see a list of results from every board.  Click on the search field and a menu for refining your search should come up.  The third or fourth box down should be for the board, and you should be able to select DFW.

    If that doesn't work, you might need to contact Tech Support (whose email you can find by posing this question on Knottie Tech Help).



  • It absolutely is *not* working.
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