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I thought these people were made up

So, in the refrigerator selling saga I met someone in the neighborhood.  She seemed nice.  We facebook messaged a bit.  She sent a friend request so I accepted.  I've been trying to figure her out since.  Lots or things I haven't figured out about her.  Then she posts something about Sandy Hook being a hoax.  Her friends were about 50/50 divided on believing truth vs. hoax.  I wish I would have saved it all before I defriended.

Also, if you want to get back into commercial real estate lots of drinking pictures in skimpy clothes probably isn't the best.

Re: I thought these people were made up

  • 6!!  You should have stayed friends with her for the stories.  ;) 

    My cousin's wife seems to be a bit of a 'truther' when it comes to major events.  She's posted some stuff about 9/11.  She was also heavily invested in that ranch standoff between the old guy and the government a few months back.  

    I prefer it when she posts cute pics and videos of her kids.  
  • Well, to be frank I wish it was a hoax.  But if people just assume that horrible events are all hoaxes, we don't talk about them and why they were wrong, and society can't learn to correct itself.
    Now, I am willing to believe that a mutant (from X-Men) tried to stop the JFK assassination.  That theory holds no weight, but darn it its cool!   

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